Climate Change Revisited


Climate Change Revisited

Now that President Joe Biden has embraced AOC’s Green New Deal, but calling it the Biden Deal he has begun implementing with Executive Order or Presidential Action mandates that have cost literally thousands of jobs here in the United States.

One of those mandates is for government vehicles to become Electric Vehicles (EVs) by a certain date and while that sounds good to the ear the implications are unachievable.

It might work for the US Postal Service to have EVs delivering mail in residential and some rural areas but what happens when an EV simply runs out of juice? A mobile EV Generator Vehicle with a rapid charge system or an EV tow-truck to tow to the nearest EV charging station. Talk about not getting you mail on time as it is, this would make late mail even later or not at all.

Take the largest vehicle users in government – the DOD. Assuming it is possible for a fighter jet or a bomber to become EVs, what about tanks, trucks, assault vehicles, ships, and while we’re at it spaceships or intergalactic space vehicles? They all must convert. Do we even have an EV charging station in outer space?

I can see a fighter preparing to engage an enemy fighter when the RED caution light comes on declaring an inflight emergency – dead battery? Or a bomber on a run over enemy airfields or nuclear sites – Dead Battery! In the heat of battle the mighty M1A1 Abrams tank headed into the thick of it – DEAD BATTERY! Where are the EV charging stations – Outside of Sams Club or Walmart?

Now for commercial air transport travelling at 40,000 feet @ 6 hours of a 12 hour flight – DEAD BATTERY! Who do you call?

Closer to home – riding the city bus headed home from a long day at work and it’s dark outside, in the middle of the route – DEAD BATTERY!

Call a taxi or Uber – headed to the store for some milk – DEAD BATTERY!

Law Enforcement in hot pursuit – DEAD BATTERY!

How long does it take to charge a cell phone battery? Now think EVs?

Who’s going to make the batteries needed for all these thousands and thousands of EVs being mandated by President Biden? Not here in the US because we’re busy shutting down factories because they all use fossil fuels. So who do we turn to – China?

I asked myself “What is Climate Change” and this paragraph from NASA provides a very reasonable and down to earth definition:

What Is Climate Change? | NASA

Climate change is a change in the usual weather found in a place. This could be a change in how much rain a place usually gets in a year. Or it could be a change in a place’s usual temperature for a month or season. Climate change is also a change in Earth’s climate. This could be a change in Earth’s usual temperature.

Next I wanted to know what are fossil fuels since our Democratic president and congress seem to be dead set on getting rid of them and this American Heritage Dictionary provides a very good definition:

Fossil Fuel


A hydrocarbon-based fuel, such as petroleum, coal, or natural gas, derived from living matter of a previous geologic time.


any fuel derived from hydrocarbon deposits such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and, to some extent, peat; these fuels are irreplaceable, and their burning generates the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide


fuel consisting of the remains of organisms preserved in rocks in the earth’s crust with high carbon and hydrogen content.

(From The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.)

So if fossil fuel is bad and causes climate change it only makes sense to get rid of them and do what we did before using fossil fuel. There are lots of ways fossil fuel is being used besides heating homes in certain areas and yes that produces air pollution and that is bad.

But however so is smoking right? Cigars and Cigarettes cause air pollution, lung cancer and lots of nasty problems within the human body. Why is nobody talking about banning Smoking EVERYWHERE AND ALL THE TIME? Because somebody invented Vaping! Vaping is one of those little eCigs that are the rage with kids and adults everywhere. It allows them to puff away without creating all that smoke, smell and causes no cancer to the lungs. There is a small drawback, vaping causes popcorn lung which causes the lung to sort of collapse within itself and makes it rather impossible to breath.

Let’s move on to something else that is directly related to fossil fuels, what kinds of products would we have to give up if we simply banned fossil fuels all together?

According to this US Energy Information Administration (EIA), this is a partial list of petroleum products and their share of total US petroleum consumption back in 2013.

Gasoline 46%

Heating Oil / Diesel Fuel 20%

Jet Fuel (kerosene) 8%

Propane / Propylene 7%

NGL / LRG 6%

Still Gas 4%

Petrochemical Feedstocks 2%

Petroleum Coke 2%

Residual / Heavy Fuel Oil 2%

Asphalt / Road Oil 2%

Lubricants 1%

Miscellaneous Products / Special Naphthas 0.4%

Other Liquids 1%

Aviation Gasoline 0.1%

Waxes 0.04%

Kerosene 0.02%

Of course these consumption rates have increased over time since then, don’t you think? Well I was thinking more about giving up fossil fuels and wind turbines and electric cars and stuff that operate on electricity would simply take up the slack as we phased out the petroleum product portions of fossil fuels. I found this partial list of products made from petroleum, but since inventors invent and consumers consume there seems to be that thing called supply and demand that overrides cutting back on many of the things we take for granted.

Here is a partial list of products made from petroleum?

Here is a quite large partial list of products made from petroleum. This list is constantly growing as new inventions are created. Here are some of the items which are made from petroleum.

So which ones are YOU willing to go without?

SolventsDiesel fuelMotor OilBearing Grease
InkFloor WaxBallpoint PensFootball Cleats
UpholsterySweaters  BoatsInsecticides
Bicycle TiresSports Car BodiesNail PolishFishing lures
DressesTiresGolf BagsPerfumes
CassettesDishwasher partsTool BoxesShoe Polish
Motorcycle HelmetCaulkingPetroleum JellyTransparent Tape
CD PlayerFaucet WashersAntisepticsClothesline
CurtainsFood PreservativesBasketballsSoap  
Vitamin CapsulesAntihistaminesPursesShoes
PuttyDyesPanty HoseRefrigerant
PercolatorsLife JacketsRubbing AlcoholLinings
SkisTV CabinetsShag RugsElectrician’s Tape
Tool RacksCar Battery CasesEpoxyPaint
MopsSlacksInsect RepellentOil Filters
UmbrellasYarnFertilizersHair Coloring
RoofingToilet SeatsFishing RodsLipstick
Denture AdhesiveLinoleumIce Cube TraysSynthetic Rubber
SpeakersPlastic WoodElectric BlanketsGlycerin
Tennis RacketsRubber CementFishing BootsDice
Nylon RopeCandlesTrash BagsHouse Paint
Water PipesHand LotionRoller SkatesSurf Boards
ShampooWheelsPaint RollersShower Curtains
Guitar StringsLuggageAspirinSafety Glasses
AntifreezeFootball HelmetsAwningsEyeglasses
ClothesToothbrushesIce ChestsFootballs
CombsCD’s & DVD’sPaint BrushesDetergents
VaporizersBalloonsSun GlassesTents
Heart ValvesCrayonsParachutesTelephones
AnestheticsArtificial TurfArtificial limbsBandages
DenturesModel CarsFolding DoorsHair Curlers
Cold creamMovie filmSoft Contact lensesDrinking Cups
Fan BeltsCar EnamelShaving CreamAmmonia
RefrigeratorsGolf BallsToothpaste (Yuck)Gasoline

While there will be a number of industries that benefit from lower oil prices, it isn’t usually an immediate effect. It takes time for input prices to filter through the corporate supply chain and the economy.

Given the large drop in oil prices, this should give you some ideas about areas that could benefit from these lower prices. Investing in the oil sector may require some caution. My thought is to be careful of catching a falling knife on oil prices. There will eventually be some great bargains in the oil and gas energy sector, but patience is always a virtue. Look elsewhere to related industries. (2015)

I’ve come to the conclusion that the climate always has and always will change. That’s the way God created it. Man has made great strides to use the resources available to him, and the overriding factor that “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (from the bible) holds true. Money may not literally make the world go round (God created it to spin on its axis), but money makes man better able to control others, buy expensive toys and even try to shame those who either can’t afford or choose not to indulge in all the bells and whistles that are being touted as something we all must have to exist. I don’t know how much Americans can take from radicals and liberals on either wing because like it or not it’s all the same bird. One last thought before I close – It’s hard to soar with eagles when you surround yourself with turkeys! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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