Giving Voice to the Spirit of Americanism


Giving Voice to the Spirit of Americanism

The average American has had no voice in Congress for quite some time as those sent to represent us have simply forgotten us. If you don’t believe me just look around and tell me when was the last time you actually saw your congressional representative or senator? Have you ever seen them except on television? To be fair when they are in town their time is rationed out for various projects they are pushing or supporting and they must make good use of it before heading back to DC.

Pre-COVID I had a purpose going to a town hall meeting for my representative here in Colorado Springs. I got there early and the place was packed. It seemed that everyone else had a purpose as well. The congressman came, gave his spiel answered a few questions and was escorted out. I left feeling left out completely.

I am a Thailand veteran of the Vietnam War who was exposed to herbicides (Agent Orange) and other chemicals during my time in the military overseas in Southeast Asia. I’ve been to my congressman’s office a number of times and have exchanged emails with his military liaison requesting help with obtaining those elusive military records needed for my disability claim with the VA. Never once have I seen the congressman in his office or have the feeling that he is truly representing me personally.

With politicians focusing on themselves and political parties focused on raising money for their candidates it was inevitable the “Spirit of Americanism” was dead. The only thing left was to throw dirt on it and say a prayer.

During the campaign season of the 2016 presidential election a non-politician rose to give voice to the spirit of Americanism. His efforts singlehandedly brought forth a pride for America that had been lost over time simply because he chose to involve Americans in the political process. His grassroots support changed the way many thought about politics. While democrats called us the dregs of society and a basket of deplorables – he called us Americans and invited us to join him.

The political repercussions were instantaneous. A massive campaign to discredit him was launched, non-stop yet he did not quit. He said they were not after him. He was the wall they had to go through to get to us. He was right.

After 4 years of Trump’s presidency the patriotism he inspired has been called “Trumpism” and has now been labeled “enemy of the state” by liberal congressional democrats and they are going all out to erase all traces of Trumpism from the face of the earth. By their actions they are attempting to remove national pride and patriotism from America.

After 1 year of COVID-19 and 3 weeks of Bidenism it appears that their efforts have already greatly exceeded the 8 years of Obama. Our nation is on the brink of becoming extinct, yet congressional democrats and a number of republican RINOs are making a concerted effort to insure that this exceptional nation ceases to follow the biblical mandates in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, relegating us into simply another 3rd world country like China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and others who have trod the path of Communism or Socialism.

It’s time for replacing every lifetime homesteading politician in both the House and the Senate in order to return common sense to American government. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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