A Bartender in Congress


A Bartender in Congress

It must be a New York thing for a New York City bartender to rise to the Congress of the United States.

Believe it or not AOC is now into her 2nd term in the House. I’m mystified as to whether it was her mastering the art of mixing drinks or using her female skills to “talk her patrons to death” or both? While most representatives have been lawyers the people of NYC chose her again – WOW! 

Someone recently commented online that AOC is simply an actress playing her part as in one of those “B” movies where she hides in the bathroom, under the commode waiting for “Trumpers” to come busting through the door at any moment. She would be perfect in that commercial on TV where there’s a running car, yet everyone else opts to hide in the tool shed (where the serial killer is hiding).

AOC made her congressional debut posing at the southern border fence and accusing Trump of locking up children in the confinement facilities build by Obama and recently ordered “open for business” again by Biden. Her main “gig” hasn’t been representing the people of NYC or the US but hawking the Green New Deal which Biden said was the Biden Deal. Kicking that fully into gear is causing a chain-reaction of killing American jobs and putting working families out on the street.

There have been many AOC debacles since she became an “expert” DC swamp creature, but her latest was falsely claiming Senator Cruz personally “almost murdered her” on January 6th where she hid in the bathroom of her office in a building totally separate from the Capitol Building, unless that AOC wearing the Shamans’ mask with horns and everything leading the insurrection?

So how did a girl from the big city who couldn’t afford to rent an apartment in DC on a congressional salary become so high and mighty among the Democrat’s powerful elite? Maybe AOC is plying her bartending skills without a license behind curtain in the chamber of congress, but wouldn’t that make her a “chamber maid” or has that term outlawed by Pelosi too? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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