Time for Unity in America


Time for Unity in America

I’m going to ruffle some feathers but that’s okay because everyone is talking just not about it. There was a time when our nation openly and blatantly displayed racist tendencies gathered from people around the globe. Slavery has been a fact of life since the creation of man and skin color had little or nothing to do with it, but worshipping God has had everything to do with slavery. A primary tenant of Christianity is submitting the will of man to the will of God.

To the believer that act of faith has lasting and eternal consequences. To the non-believer it is ludicrous to place your trust and hope in what you cannot see and the biblical command to turn the other cheek has been misused and taken advantage of by many.

Our nation was founded on the precept that all men are created equal and given certain unalienable rights by their Creator. Our Declaration of Independence and subsequently the Constitution of the United States has enshrined those principles. Our nation has gone to war, brother against brother over the interpretation of that very idea.

Abraham Lincoln quoted the biblical verse that a nation divided against itself cannot stand. He understood the implications of that better than most and lost his life because of his beliefs and his stand to defend them.

Our nation is changing and evolving as we learn to set aside prejudices, biases and stereotypes. In the early 1960s we coined the phrase “reverse discrimination” where forcible changes were enacted to “right the ship of state in America”. In many ways it was a lowering of the bar so that everyone could step across and once high standards disappeared as simply applying was good enough. Today it is common place and everyone gets a participation trophy.

February has been designated Black History Month and we celebrate notable accomplishments of men and women who bravely stepped forward when others would not. Every day we are bombarded with “in your face” discrimination like the BLM movement where we are told to just deal with it.

How about an ALM programs and channels for Asian audiences which are many?

Cable providers have an abundance of channels and programs dedicated to black and Hispanic audiences. If you don’t want to watch them, simply scroll by and select another program or channel. What would happen if there was an abundance of channels and programs dedicated to a white audience? Would a WLM movement be tolerated? The biggest social injustice being committed in America is the evolution of reverse discrimination which has become the “offended” movement.

Why are military recruits required to complete basic training? What is the purpose of rigorous and grueling workouts of mind and body? Is it not to tear away unwanted ideologies so as to replace them with unity and teamwork, giving recruits a sense of accomplishment?

How do you bring unity back to America? Send everyone to basic military style training? Maybe…..you must find a common cause, a common identity and work to bring everyone to identify with national pride in our country.

We teach our children in school something called the Pledge of Allegiance. Do you know it? Can you say it? Do you believe it? I mean really, really believe what it says? You should you know?

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

Have we forgotten that this pledge was written to unify the nation after the Civil War? If you do not believe it, or refuse to honor the nation, its flag, our traditions you are in the wrong place.

As a nation we have allowed ourselves to be disrespected by our athletes, entertainers and even by our government. When our leaders are ashamed of our nation and will not salute the flag with their right hand over their heart and refuse to openly and unashamedly recite the pledge of allegiance, they do not deserve to continue in their elected office and when law makers become law breakers they should resign to face criminal prosecution.

The Congress of the United States has been the source of systematic racism that has plagued our nation for many years. There are entities within the congress that exploit, circumvent or outright ignore the laws their body creates to further their racist cause of national division. It is time to abolish those entities once and for all. It’s time to bring unity back to America.

Unity occurs when people (you and I) come together honoring and respecting each other without regard to ethnic or political background. It’s time to raise the bar high once again in America.

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