Conspiracy to Commit – a 2nd Look at TIME’S Article


Conspiracy to Commit – a 2nd Look at the TIME’S Article

We were told that Russia interfered with the 2016 election and almost certainly they did, as well as members of our own government under Barack Obama’s administration. What was not expected was that Trump (a virtual political unknown) would get the nod from the GOP, but actually win the elector college votes and thus become the 45th President of the United States.

It was Obama who smiled while telling then president-elect Trump that everyone wished his administration success because America would succeed while at the same time was conducting a massive investigation into pinning a trumped up Russian-Trump Collusion charge to sink Trump’s presidency before it even began.



A conspiracy, also known as a plot, is a secret plan or agreement between persons (called conspirers or conspirators) for an unlawful or harmful purpose, such as murder or treason, especially with political motivation,[1] while keeping their agreement secret from the public or from other people affected by it. In a political sense, conspiracy refers to a group of people united in the goal of usurping, altering or overthrowing an established political power. Depending on the circumstances, a conspiracy may also be a crime, or a civil wrong.[2] The term generally implies wrongdoing or illegality on the part of the conspirators, as people would not need to conspire to engage in activities that were lawful and ethical, or to which no one would object.

During the 4 years of Donald Trump’s presidency all we heard from democrats and the liberal left was the word “Conspiracy” insinuating anti-American wrongdoing on the part of the president. We have known all along that CONSPIRACY was committed by Democratic government officials and a campaign of misinformation was launched to cover their tracks.

This campaign of misinformation has been carried to fruition by a number of individuals, organizations, groups, government agencies and even from the halls of Congress prior to, during and after the 2020 election. Yet it is only the tip of the political iceberg.

The newly released (February 4th 2021) article scheduled to appear in the February 15th, 20201 issue of TIME, written by Molly Ball and her team of reporters has very precisely shown a light on a conspiracy to commit election interference and worse prior to the 2020 election. Not only was this conspiracy committed, but it was put into action by a loosely coordinated band of left wing activists, private sector and corporate actors, as well as former and current government officials as they proudly proclaim they “fortified” a failed US election process and saved democracy from an autocratic President Trump, preventing him from winning the election.

I have to admit when I first read the article I became angry not so much that such a thing ever existed but that it was allowed to fester like a boil on the backside of our nation. The hatred that spewed from this conspiracy became so thick it could be cut with a knife.

Like everyone I watched as radical leftist groups committed acts of unspeakable atrocities in American cities, attacking innocent citizens, resisting and assaulting law enforcement and destroying public and private property while given the green light by elected officials, even when lives were lost due to this unnecessary and purely avoidable violence.

The TIMES article by Molly Ball went into the belly of the beast. She and her reporters named names, identified organizations, corporations and government agencies. They conducted interviews, had access to documents, emails and the detailed inner-workings beginning at ground zero. I’ve always said follow the money and I’m a bit disappointed that her team failed to follow the money all the way up the chain to the source.

What was exposed was a band of freedom fighters who viewed themselves as “shadow campaigners” who conveniently disbanded or went underground in “standby” mode to be activated again when the time is right as they refer to themselves as defenders of democracy. They compared the United States against other democratic nation states and that is where they errored because our country is not a democracy. They see themselves as patriots when they are nothing more than organized criminals who interfered with the general election and set into motion actions, people and events to obtain their “desired outcome” in the 2020 election and change the course of our nation.

The United States of America is a Constitutional-Republic. It is our Constitution that is the rule of law. It is up to everyone to become defenders of the Constitution. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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