So Who Do I Sue?


So Who Do I Sue

I see where the Chief of the Cherokee Nation wants jeep to stop using the name Cherokee in one of their production vehicles. Unless this particular vehicle is prone to breaking down unexpectedly (no it’s not Fix Or Repair Daily (FORD) sport utility vehicle I see no need to bow to the whims of some woke individual who guilt trips a major manufacturer to change the name – unless it is to be called a “SISSIE”.

Like I told my granddaughter when she came over driving a new to her Grand Cherokee –“Jeeps are for sissies.” I always see them as a girls vehicle. Now the CJ’s are a different story. That’s a guy vehicle.

So you can call me broke or you can call me woke but what I really want to know is who should I sue?

I’m still sore that in the 2000 movie Cast Away, an American survival drama film directed and produced by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks they used a volleyball with MY NAME ON IT. Did they ask me or even think that maybe I didn’t want my name mentioned in a Hollywood produced movie or associated with a company like Federal Express?

And since the Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois which from 1989, has been a subsidiary of the Finnish group Amer Sports, that since 2019 itself is a subsidiary of the Chinese group ANTA Sports do I sue Hollywood, producer Zemeckis, Tom Hanks or the Wilson Sporting Goods Company or their parent corporation?

I’m not one to take this lightly either because believe it or not they hurt my feelings with all this wokeness going on I may not be able to sleep soundly at nights any longer and may even require extended psychotherapy to get me over the hump.

I simply don’t know how much longer I can take all this “hypo-political” wokeness. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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