In Just Thirty Six Days


In Just Thirty Six Days

It’s time to own it democrats and those who’ve applauded the Biden-Harris Administration (as they like it to be called) in reversing/erasing Trump economic gains and foreign policy decisions aimed at making America great again. We’re 36 days into this administration and we’re beginning to see the effects of legislating by executive order that #46 spent his first days in office signing.

Biden announced to the world that “America is back!” but what he was telling them was “The Old America under Obama is back”. Of course he couldn’t just say that but look at his administrative appointments and tell me how many of them were inside the Obama administration?

Biden started off halting construction of the border wall, just after he build a wall around Congress and staffed it with “loyalist” guardsmen who are there to do what exactly? The first executive decision of the newly appointed Secretary of Defense was to stand down the military and find out how many were Trump supporters, but if you don’t believe me, ask them? That is unheard of, totally inappropriate and in violation of their constitutional rights, but coming from a retired general officer – it is unconscionable.  Nowhere in the Oath does it say “I will be loyal to the president” or “I will support and defend the president who is of my political party”, so how does this man get to decide who stays and who does not based on political party persuasion?

I seem to remember that when Trump was inaugurated one secret service agent said she would not take a bullet for Trump. She was on Obama’s presidential detail and was simply transferred from the detail when she should have simply resigned. But that’s a far cry from members of the military who take an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” Also in that oath they swear to “obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over me”.

Biden has joyfully and openly joined the United States to the Paris Climate Accord, restarted negotiating with Iran and stopped the withdrawal of troops from overseas – clearly everything Trump had put in motion to distance America from.

How about the Biden Deal (not the New Green Deal) where he said ALL government vehicles will have to become eVehicles by a certain date. That is ridiculously impossible to do, unless you exempt military combat vehicles, government contract vehicles and quite frankly the failed United States Postal Service vehicles and law enforcement vehicles at every federal level and agency.

Stopping the XL Pipeline had an instantaneous effect on American households as gas prices have raised drastically in 36 days with the price of oil going from roughly $36 a barrel to more than $63 a barrel, and the accordion effect at the pump was felt immediately. Not to mention the thousands of American jobs lost by the stroke of Biden’s pen.   

Americans are still dealing with the effects of government interference over COVID and Biden’s mask mandate on government facilities is not making anyone safer. In fact very often we see him and those around him completely ignoring that mandate.

Biden said that “nobody should go to jail for drug offenses” obviously referring to his son Hunter as he signed still another executive order. Incredibly (not in a nice way either) one of Hunter Biden’s “buddies” in the Ukrainian deal has been appointed to a high level position at the DOJ by his father. This continues the saga of pay-for-play and proves once again that crime does pay.

Back to the Southern border Biden has ordered DHS from deporting illegals and has opened up new facilities (we still call them cages) for undocumented children crossing without parents or papers. This has once again sent an influx of undocumented “migrants” into American cities.

Under Joe Biden America has a transportation secretary who feels that highways were made for people too; a nominee for Attorney General who says that domestic terrorism by Antifa isn’t domestic terrorism at all because it occurs at night; and a number of other cabinet positions filled with people who seem unqualified to even file their own tax returns (I’m being nice here).

Biden is okay with schools partially opening up for 1 day a week or whatever, but the social skills of America’s children suffer because they do not have the normal interaction with other students and teachers. Many of these children will suffer irreparable educational loss that will affect them in their adult lives.

I’m disappointed that we have a president who has no idea how to move America forward, but is totally satisfied moving America backward. I’m also disappointed at congress for doing absolutely nothing to bring Americans into a better future, but have sought only to accumulate more power and money at our expense. The time is now for governors to govern, educators to educate and parents to parent so that Americans can be Americans and open up the nation.

We managed to survive the Obama years and we thrived during the Trump years but at the accelerated pace of the Biden years the nation as we know it cannot simply “take it on the cheek”. Without competent leadership or personal accountability we will soon cease to be the “land of the free or the home of the brave”, Cancel Culture will simply not allow it! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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