The Fort

Picture of chicken coup converted into our family home “on the ditch bank” in Homedale, Idaho era – 1950s


The Fort

I grew up in Southern Idaho and one of my fleeting memories was a time when my brothers and I went to that old rundown shack on Lindsey Lane. I was probably 11 or 12 years old and the oldest of 4 boys. I don’t remember what we thought it was at clubhouse or a fort, so I’ll call it “the fort”.

To us it could have been the Alamo or an outpost on the old frontier. This was the days of Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone both played by Fess Parker on television. We had moved to the city to be near dad at the VA hospital after the operation on his leg and we had lots of time to play cowboys and Indians or good guys and bad guys after watching the Lone Ranger. During those days we played outside as most kids did and our imagination was our only limitation.

I don’t think we did much to whip that place into shape, so we just sort of hung out their pretending it was our domain, when in reality we didn’t know who owned it or what it had been, most likely a chicken coup or an old shed for farm animals.

No matter but when it was time for supper or beginning to get dark we’d head for home.

Those early days in Boise, Idaho were when we were able to ride our bikes on Overland Road all the way to Meridian and back without fear of heavy traffic or anybody with ill intentions toward us. The only fear we had was each other and not doing what we were told or in a timely manner.

Our evenings might be at the Boise VA Medical Center watching movies with dad or doing crafts like making hot pads or pot holders or exploring outside around the old Fort Boise. I’ve gone back to Lindsay Lane a time or two but each time it has changed with new housing in what used to be farmland. The old house is still there although it looks different than what I remember. I haven’t been back since dad’s funeral in 2019 but I still have lots of memories from those days or from where I’d often just drive around town and seeing something that would trigger another memory.  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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