What Are You Holding On To?


What Are You Holding On To?

After January 20th you would think that President Biden’s calls for national unity would usher in a new era in America where Americans would be proud of their heritage, our nation’s accomplishments and how we are seen by people around the world.

I could be wrong or maybe I just missed something. I have heard literally nothing coming out of the White House or from Congress that indicate we have been reaching or have reached national unity. It is obvious that with Trump out of the picture the only thing that I see happening are fast tracking the decline and downfall of America by the liberal left, congressional members of the Progressive Democratic Party and the cover given by the mainstream media.

It’s like the lies about Black Lives Matter while calling for the funding of Planned Parenthood who actually terminate black, white, brown and yellow lives for the convenience of American women and their “right” to choose which baby to terminate. So don’t tell me you give a hoot about any lives other than your own, or maybe you would volunteer to self-terminate as your right to choose.

I see the America that President Biden said was back is simply the failed policies of Obama being carried out as the “Biden Deal” where open borders; placating our enemies in the middle east “Iran Arms Deal” (remember Obama’s plane loads of cash to Iran?); joining the Paris Climate Accord and stopping the XL Pipeline construction that would have ensure our dominance and American oil independence; not to think of the thousands of American jobs lost due to presidential action (power of the pen).

With Trump off social media (that’s what you wanted right) the media have to actually look for news the old fashioned way, but when Trump speaks they have gained back their purpose of dissecting every word he speaks.

Yet when President Biden speaks, he’s like an NFL quarterback fumbling the ball. He has trouble connecting the dots into coherent sentences without a teleprompter really, really, really close. He comes off as one of those in an old folk’s home pretending he’s king of the world, then heading off camera for his naptime.

I’m surprised that congress hasn’t pressed Vice President Harris (like they did with Vice President Pence) to invoke the 25th Amendment and declare Joseph R. Biden, Jr. unfit to execute the office of the presidency. I figured that would have been their Plan B within 24 hours after the inauguration.

Everyone would think that a president Harris would choose someone like Speaker Pelosi to be her VP, but if I had to guess I’d say she would pick Senator Cory Booker (her old running buddy in the Senate) to insure she was doing the presidential thing better than Trump.

During the recent CPAC convention in Florida a number of GOP speakers made it clear that their goal for the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections is to unseat quite a number of democratic legislators and upcoming legislative candidates and back an America First agenda and they overwhelmingly support former President Trump for the 2024 election. Trump himself rejected forming a new political party citing that we have the Republican Party and he is pushing for real conservatives to step forth to take the party across the finish line, possibly with him at the helm. That is good news for American conservatives who are holding onto the inspiring and refreshing words of hope moving forward.

Do you hope that the Democratic Party will magically grow a pair and develop a vision of a better America or are you content to help with the destruction and downfall of the home of the brave and the land of the free because you’ve been told you are no longer proud of being an American?

Which I leave you with this question – what are you holding onto? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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