Going to the Dentist


Going to the Dentist

Let me digress back a few years when on a trip to Thailand I decided to go to a dentist in Khon Kaen. He was a very pleasant sort of guy and his dental degree was from Philadelphia, PA. With my trusty interpreter (my better half) he understood that I had some missing teeth and needed a bridge on the left side of my mouth. I don’t recall the price but he guaranteed it would last me 5 years.

I was fitted for the bridge and had to come back a few days later for the install. It didn’t take long and it seemed to fit rather nicely. I think it would have been classified as a partial. The next day we headed to Bangkok for a day of shopping in preparation for our early morning flight back home.

That evening I began having some dental pain so I went to 7-11 (yes they are everywhere) and purchased some OTC aspirin and popped a couple before bed time. The next morning the pain was back and I ended up taking some every 6 hours or so throughout the long flight home.

After getting back to Colorado Springs I called my dentist to see what was going on. By the time of my appointment the pain had stopped completely, but I had a sensation that the bridge had come loose. His exam went rather quickly and I asked about the bridge? He said no problem it was still securely attached to my teeth however one tooth had been pulled out by the constant pressure. He removed the bridge from my mouth and asked if I wanted to keep the tooth as a memento? I said good heavens no, I didn’t want anything that reminded me of the pain I had undergone in the past 48 hours. On my many trips back to Thailand I often think I should have asked that Thai dentist for a full refund. But like I said I really don’t like going to the dentist but I’ve had 8 or 9 implants over the years and in a couple of instances I’ve had to have some of them replaced.

If you can’t tell I’m one of those guys who hates going to the dentist. I don’t like the smell or the sound of grinding bone. I will say that very often you get what you pay for (at least I normally do). When I went in for my exam, prep and temporary crowns, the dentist asked if I wanted gold crowns or porcelain.  I only had to entertain that idea for a second or two before I told him porcelain would be fine as I really don’t look good in gold and don’t want to be mugged at the mall so somebody can take my crowns. After finishing up on the 2 crowns that had splintered, had to be ground off today was crowning day.

Well today I was crowned twice and so I feel pretty special and maybe I could have asked for a red carpet to the car, but figured that was asking way too much. Besides I got crowned twice and didn’t even have a kingdom.

The good news – (there’s always good news) later this month I get another implant. Late last year my front lower tooth fell out. Yep that’s the one everybody sees when you smile. Not good. I’ve had to go in 3 times to get them to glue it in place for cosmetic effect. They said not to bite or eat anything hard with my front teeth or the glue will not hold. With all my dental work thus far I still don’t have a mouth full of teeth (fake or otherwise). On my left side is still that spot where my molar was holding onto that bridge before they both came out. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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