The Mostly Peaceful Party


The Mostly Peaceful Party

What is the difference between a peaceful political party and a mostly peaceful political party? Is it simply a matter of using terms that disguise the intent of that party? Or is it just a way of passing on misinformation as political truth?

There are elected officials in Congress and appointed officials in the current administration who want you to believe that orchestrated and organized violence in the streets of American cities is a mostly peaceful protest exercising the constitutional rights of those taking part in it. Some have even said it does not constitute domestic violence statutes because the violence occurs at night.

These same people have led many to believe that peaceful rally’s by supporters of former President Trump are defacto domestic violence and constitute insurrection against Congress. Really what this boils down to is the will of the American people or the will of Congress. It’s not hard to figure out that members of Congress are elected by the American people. Therefore they are in Congress to work for the will of the American people and not the other way around.

The same holds true for the President of the United States who is the head of government, the chief executive with certain powers and responsibilities that fall on nobody else.

The Constitution established separations of powers within the government so that a Congress comprised of a Senate and a House would serve to create laws, regulate taxes and declare war against foreign powers, when necessary and protect the Constitution. Those same separations of powers within the government enable the President to develop the foreign policy, regulate immigration and protect the Constitution. The Supreme Court has the sole responsibility to determine whether or not local, state and federal laws are in accordance with the Constitution or not.

The purpose of government is to protect the American people and visitors.

It has been a long standing practice (protocol) for former presidents to live out their years quietly and allow the current president to be seen as sole leader of the United States as the Constitution provides for only one president at a time.

What we have seen over the past 5+ years amounts to a serious deviation of past norms that began during the Obama years where a covert investigation was launched to derail his predecessor and cast serious doubt on his presidency.

During the Trump years there were overt acts of resistance by state and federal government officials and blatant attempts to defame and to restrain the president. There were acts of open defiance and calls for interference of his administration, while even urging violence to those Americans who supported him by congressional democrats and often supported by congressional republicans.

We have seen former Obama administration officials meeting with and advising foreign officials on ways to circumvent US foreign policy during the Trump administration. We have heard former Obama administration bragging of how they used the power of their office to interfere with the administration of justice of a foreign government.

We have heard repeated calls of election interference by a foreign government with big money during the 2016 election, then calls of election interference during the 2020 election were deemed unfounded while dissenting voices and opinions were routinely silenced or ignored.

During the Biden months in office we continually hear his administration called the Biden/Harris administration, clearly not supported by the constitution. We have seen a massive purge of Trump’s presidential actions and executive orders without regard to the consequences felt or imposed on the American people. Clearly this is not only a most unconventional presidency as the norms of having a president be seen or speak from the Oval Office have yet to occur. It would appear that the 46th President of the United States is nothing more than a virtual president, controlled by puppet masters behind the scenes and off stage.

The mostly peaceful Democratic Party have besieged themselves with fences and armed National Guard while opening up America’s borders to anyone physically able to cross into the United States and for any reason at all.

It is time for partisan politics to cease in the halls of Congress. America deserves better! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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