On The Wrong Side of Right


On The Wrong Side of Right

There’s a right way, a wrong way and in this case a democratic way. In my estimation politics is a nothing more than a guessing game. Mostly we have lawyers who studied at some of the finest institutions in the nation. Many have gone out into the real world and made their marks as attorney’s, prosecutors and in several cases as judges exacting their brand of justice as officers of the court or defending clients accused of breaking the law.

At some point in their often short careers as legal beagles they become experts in their own minds, have gotten involved with a political party then choose to go into local or state politics. Some become city council members or on the board of county commissioners before setting higher goals of county prosecutors, city mayors or even state attorney generals or governors. The ladder has many rungs and after all politicians have to start somewhere.

A number of politicians at state level run for state senate or representative offices where they have grandiose ideas of public service to fix a specific injustice or public need. When given the opportunity they move on to higher goals in the US Senate or US House of Representatives where they can do the most public good and if they aren’t careful it is here where they can also do the most public harm.

Not all politicians start out as lawyers or attorneys. Some are professionals, doctors, surgeons or successful business men and women who feel up to the challenge of guiding the nation according to the constraints of the US Constitution and good old common sense.

I have done a brief study on Congressional Committees and Caucuses primarily in the House and found a number of interesting yet confounding or perplexing things that just make a person’s head spin.  For instance there are more than 262 Caucuses or Committees in the House. Some are exclusive in that one must be of a certain persuasion or political party and not only be accepted but must accept or submit to the will of the group whether it is right or wrong.

Let me give some examples there are Veterans Caucuses, some are for Democrats, others for Republicans and still others are for Veterans of certain races, yet all must have been awarded the DD-214 and some members are on active, reserve or guard duty while serving in Congress. To say the very least there is the potential for a conflict of interest for those in uniform.

There is a Caucus where non-black races are not allowed to join, yet skin color trumps race. In this caucus being a member of the Democratic Party is preeminent and fighting racism in government is their claim to fame. I’m referring to the Congressional Black Caucus of which former President Barack Obama, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Vice President Kamala Harris are among their distinguished alumni. Their current members include Representatives Waters (CA), Presley, Wilson (FL), Lee (CA) and a host of others currently in the news concerning reparations, removing statues, renaming military bases, purging Trump from government, and pushing for a $15 minimum wage, and allowing unrestricted immigration into the US, pushing for the lowering of the voting age to 16 and in many cases changing or ignoring the Constitution as being outdated. There are allegations of mishandling campaign finances by CBC members to their family members and as yet no investigation has been forthcoming.

There are members of Congress who are clearly on the wrong side of right and make a mockery of the office of public service they hold. By their actions, words and deeds their allegiance appears to be toward other nations and peoples rather than to the Constitution they swore to protect and defend.

I’ve never been a politician, nor have I visited the US Congress or seen them in action, other than on television over the past 5 years, yet I can envision a new member of Congress upon arrival having a rude awakening at how political business as usual is conducted.

One would think that every member of Congress has the welfare of their constituents, their state and that of the nation as their priority after all they were elected or appointed to serve the people of their home districts. Is that not why we have elections?

It seems that no political party has exclusive bragging rights on being on the wrong side of issues affecting the American people. I am of the opinion that while applying common sense to every political question would solve much of the dilemma we see happening today. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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