Pick Your Battles Wisely


Pick Your Battles Wisely

A man once said that you cannot always pick your friends but you can never afford not to recognize your enemies.

A woman once said that not everybody who calls you friend is one.

We’ve been told to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Where we often get into trouble is called not having a dog in the fight or having no vested interest or compelling reason for doing something yet we jump in with both feet anyway.

In the movies all it takes is a Chuck Norris, an Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Bruce Willis, a Tom Cruise or a Robert Duvall on the set of an action movie to singlehandedly take on a swarm of bad guys and be the only one left standing. The hero is willing to die with his boots on but normally walks or rides into the sunset with the girl and they live happily ever after.

In real life it takes a man or woman with courage to step up. When you see someone abusing or bullying someone do you turn and walk away or step forward? It’s one thing to stand face-to-face and toe-to-toe with pure unadulterated hate, anger, rage and resist the urge to strike out in kind. The next time you catch yourself losing your cool – look for a mirror.

Military training prepares you for war and what action to take to overcome the obstacle before you. Repetition makes it become second nature. There’s a line in the movie “PATTON” where the actor George C. Scott says something like don’t go out there and die for your country, make the other guy die for HIS country. It’s something General Patton is reported to utter to his troops during World War II.

During 9/11/2001 fire fighters and first responders were not the only ones running toward the twin towers or climbing the stairs. At the pentagon there were a great many doing what only they could during that tragic day. On United Flight 93 a most famous line “Let’s Roll” became a battle cry ask ordinary people acted extraordinarily to stop the hijackers.

I see the same thing when ordinary people stand up for what is right in the face of the evils of political correctness and/or corruption. The Congress of the United States is comprised with 535 elected officials of various political parties in both chambers. They have varying roles in representing the people of their districts and the interests of their states in relation to the nation as a whole for a variety of reasons and each with an agenda.

The longer an elected official remains in office the line between right and wrong becomes blurred or viewed as personal and politically charged. Pork barrel or pet projects are like feathers in the cap of the politician and people are seen not as constituents but as votes to be gotten and discarded.

It takes a big man or woman to lay down his service before God and to his country as public service and return home knowing that for a time he or she made a difference for others.

History will take notice of the 64 (1 God, 13 Stripes & 50 Stars). – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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