Fort Pelosi – The Temple of Democracy


Fort Pelosi – The Temple of Democracy

It was a dark and stormy night as the faithful few collected to verify the installation of Number 46 as hordes of trumpsters besieged the Temple of Democracy on that fateful day – January 6th, 2021. If it had happened this way the newly confirmed Attorney General Merritt Garland would never have even called it a terrorist act simply because it had occurred at night.

If the truth be told it didn’t happen that way at all.

What President Trump did before January 6th was to declare an emergency for the District of Columbia in anticipation of potential violence and offer to post 10,000 National Guard troops in and around the Capital building.

On the day in question the President spoke to the MEGA crowd of the importance of the procedure in progress at the Capital and before concluding his noon address urged them to peacefully move to the Capital and let their collective voice be heard by the legislators inside.  

What happened will undoubtedly go down in history as the insurrection that wasn’t. In my mind there are a couple of reasons why it wasn’t a Trump led insurrection to bring down the government.

The first reason is that Trump didn’t incite anyone to riot or commit acts of violence and he surely didn’t lead anyone to take down a government that he was in fact the head of. (Remember a house divided statement in the bible that was quoted by Abraham Lincoln?)

The second reason is that had Trump really wanted to stop Congress he could have declared Marshall Law, sent in the 82nd Airborne Division and the Army Special Forces to surround the Capital and take all 535 members of Congress into Military Custody and begin trial by Military Tribunal for those members of Congress who have routinely and repeatedly committed acts of Treason and Insurrection (The very ones trying to take him out of office by force if necessary). He could have instructed the military to establish a perimeter around the Capital and secure the area with nobody going in or coming out.

But he didn’t.

What happened was the Democratic Caucus lead by House Speaker Pelosi began conspiring with Senate Majority Leader Schumer and contacting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to unlawfully and unconstitutionally prevent the President of the United States from exercising his duties as president because he had hurt their feelings.

To keep the heat off their ill-fated plans and stoke the fires of anti-Trumpism Pelosi pushed ahead with the threatened impeachment and Schumer pushed ahead with the trial phase of a president in the last days of his administration.

To make a bad situation even worse Speaker Pelosi requested National Guard troops be stationed in DC to install and act as a protective barrier around what she referred to as the Temple of Democracy, the US Capital building to protect members of Congress as they conspire to legislatively erase Trump from the American consciousness with the full implied support of President Joe Biden and his administration.

American’s are waking up to the reality of a Biden/Harris Administration (not constitutional by the way) that acts like a 2-headed snake. Instead of acting as the Chief Executive, the leader of the free world and making his own policy decisions clearly known it appears that they are legislating from the White House and getting congressional approval BEFORE announcing it to the nation and the world at large.

The first order of business for the new Biden Secretary of Defense was to stand down the entire DOD and re-administer the oath of office to every military soldier, sailor, space cadet, airman and marine to insure their loyalty to President Biden and quite possibly to Congress over their allegiance to the US Constitution?

Now with Pelosi requesting and the Pentagon complying for extending National Guard troops deployment to the DC warzone outside of Fort Pelosi even the temporary fence is scheduled to become a permanent one to keep these legislators insulated from We The People who sent them to Washington in the first place, we have no way of knowing if the power that be controlling the military comes from Fort Pelosi instead of the White House. Something never before seen since Great Brittan burned the White House do the ground or the war between the states that followed. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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