Not Playing with Toy Soldiers


Not Playing with Toy Soldiers

What yanks my chain to no proverbial end is when elected officials play their political games with our men and women in uniform. They stage their selective “battleground” as a sign of absolute power while toying with the lives of hard working members of the US military and at great cost to our nation’s wartime readiness.

American’s fighting forces have been sent around the world to defend freedom. Yet when freedom is threatened at home they are used like pawns on a chessboard not to protect it, but as a shield around our politicians like we see in Washington DC today around the nation’s Capital.

When these same politicians go all out to defund the police Americans suffer, but standing up an army is simply not the answer. It’s clear the decision makers have never worn the uniform or have forgotten the purpose of those who wear it today. Failed politicians make decisions without a clue to the consequences of their actions. When they make those decisions for political purposes they disgrace their elected or appointed office.

In my opinion retired army general Lloyd Austin is the wrong person for the job of Secretary of Defense and the fact that he required a congressional waiver just to transition from a retired general to a cabinet position should have sent up red flags! He was nominated to satisfy the left’s political correctness and not because of his ability or management skills. Someone must have thought he was the next Colin Powell. He was not and I have great respect for Secretary Powell!

His official first act as Secretary of Defense was to order a 60 stand down of ALL military personnel in order to seek out conservative and radical right members and in effect re-administer the oath of office to each one, a task that is done upon enlistment and at re-enlistment. This political stunt questioned the integrity of every member of the US armed forces who have taken the oath to protect and defend the Constitution, not a president or politician.

Secretary Austin should have made his first order of business to advise President Biden to return all National Guard troops to their home states and release them from active duty. With the crisis on the Southern border intensifying he should have advised the president to re-enforce CBP and HLS agents along the entire border with National Guard and/or Active Duty units until the crisis is eliminated.

It is called BORDER SECURITY for a reason.

A leader leads and a cabinet official such as the Secretary of Defense Austin should ADVISE the president especially when it comes to national defense and border security issues involving or requiring military assistance. Continuing to allow the misapplication of force at the Capital while neglecting the border demonstrates incompetence at best.

I also fault the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Service Secretaries for not standing up. Granted they too took the oath to defend the Constitution and to obey the President and the officers appointed over them, but come on man, sir(s). Are you not an ADVISOR to the President on military matters and foreign policy? When an order violates the Constitution which is the basis of US Law are you not obligated to question it?

America demands the very best from our military! Are not leadership and teamwork the building blocks of a successful military? Is not the chain only as strong as its weakest link? Our military members deserve to be led by competent leaders.

So lead – follow – or get out of the way! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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