On What Hill


On What Hill

The trouble with today’s young people in America is they have not had to make a significant stand for anything important to them. What I’m talking about is they have not had their Mount Saribachi.

As they progressed through a public school system that has become increasingly liken to propaganda processing stations. History has been in many cases covered up or rewritten to leave out the parts that offend. When you discuss current events their interest lies on the latest X-Box game, Hollywood star or what’s hot at Mickey D’s.  I know painting everyone with a stereotypical brush is wrong but isn’t that what we do anyway?

Ask them about the most significant event of their lifetime and see what they answer?

Was it wars or rumors of wars; maybe it was a singular event like the breakup of their love interest?

Like I said they have not had their own personal Battle of the Bulge unless it involved the refrigerator.

As a nation we have conditioned ourselves and our children to obey the whims of government so we can stop the COVID virus. Anybody who resists is bad and trying to kill those around them. Follow the science they say, but alas there is no science to verify conclusively that a bonafide virus even exists or that wearing a mask or facial covering does anything except causes problems for the wearer and social distancing is anything but being social.

This is not limited to school age kids either, ask an adult – where was your Bunker Hill, your Alamo, your 9/11? I’ll venture to say the vast majority of Americans have no verifiable answer.

When was the last time you stood for truth, justice or the American way?

When did you stand on your convictions in the face of adversity?

On what hill do you stand?

Quite often when faced with a fight or flight moment we run. Regret comes later and we wish we had stayed and fought for what we believed in. But the damage has already been done and we had to learn to live with it. Or have we?

It is impossible to stand for the truth if you do not know the truth. The truth has a name and it is Jesus!

Standing for something you don’t believe in means nothing but it shows how easily you have let someone else dictate their values to you.

We all come into the world by birth and we leave this world by death. What we do in between makes all the difference. Jesus said it best when he told us to love God and everyone around us (our neighbor) as we love ourselves and he also said when it is within our power to do so we should live in peace.

Do you? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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