Fanning the Flames


Fanning the Flames

Take a good look in the mirror. I quit watching the national news networks because all I see are wannabe reporters, journalists and news anchors who are guilty of pouring gasoline on the flames of hate while wondering what is happening.

Take the recent shootings in Atlanta all aimed at Asian massage parlor workers. After killing 8 women in several massage parlors the subject was caught by police. He said he wasn’t targeting Asians. He shot them because of his sexual addiction. That is like someone telling you that if you call a tigers tail a leg and ask how many legs does a tiger have? The correct answer is 4 because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it so and neither do targeting Asian women make it anything other than that.

We have politicians pushing for reparations from white people because black people were used as slaves in America. When in fact many Africans were kidnapped by Africans and sold to slave trading ship captains who transported them to various places, including the Americas.

We’re at a point in our society where we are being conditioned to blame everyone for the sins of our collective fathers and the facts don’t support reparations at all. Slavery in America has not been limited only to blacks but includes Asians, whites and Spanish people.

Believe it or not, slavery has been around since biblical days and is alive and well in the world today only we call it human trafficking. Who’s to say that the Asian women of the massage parlor industry in America were simply women caught up in human trafficking?

What we are seeing is a sin problem. We have been given Ten Commandments that when followed will make life better for everyone. Were we to live under the Old Testament law we would be seeing an eye for an eye and law breakers facing immediate, exact and often seemingly harsh punishment and there are societies and religions that still practice them.

We are not under the Old Testament law, but New Testament grace. Our Constitution was written using the biblical principles that all men are created equal with the same prospects of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and becoming a US citizen means conforming to and following the laws of the land. Non-conforming is bringing in foreign cultures and forcibly imposing those beliefs upon our nation and its people.

Politicians are ordinary people given the privilege of serving in government for our benefit. As often is the case they begin to see themselves as our “betters” and only they know what is best for us. They have forgotten why they are there or who sent them. Over time we are overlooked and ignored until our votes are needed.

We must exercise our right to vote guaranteed by the Constitution to insure that our legislators and elected officials do not forget who we are and why we sent them or maybe we should “man up” to replace them? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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