My Take on It Almost Didn’t Happen


My Take on It Almost Didn’t Happen

I have skimmed through the CNN article by Maggie Fox and it provides an interesting take by scientists on how the coronavirus pandemic almost didn’t happen but placing the blame on the Huanan seafood market. I’ve studied this before and have drawn my own conclusions which are a bit different than what researchers reported in the journal Science. I see this simply as an attempt to divert the blame.

I have written previous blogs about how the Chinese government closed off Hubei province from the rest of China in late 2019 while allowing travel outside of China to continue. In particular were workers returning to their factories in Italy, Iran and elsewhere after Chinese New Year’s celebrations in Wuhan and if infected spreading it locally.

I agree that the virus could have very well died its own quiet death except when used as a biological weapon and unleashed on the world the result was predictably a worse case scenario. According to the article researchers pin the central point of contact on the Huanan seafood market, yet I contend it was the international airport in the city of Wuhan where multiple biological laboratories are located nearby.

The cover up by the CCP included silencing medical professionals who publicly expressed early warning about the virus. If as the article stated initial signs emerged as early as October 2019 the pandemic could very well have been stopped in its tracks.

The article says there was no definite culprit a bat or a pig, but early gain of function research prior to 2014 was conducted in the US with a Huanan bat and included a research team out of Wuhan. I find it more plausible for the team to return to Wuhan and attempt to duplicate the results in their lab. My question is whether the virus was accidently or deliberately released? We may never know. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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