About The Unaccompanied Migrant Children (Kids in Cages)


About These Unaccompanied Migrant Children

(Kids in Cages)

When we read or hear about children in cages our hearts are torn and we think how can a country put children in cages like animals? This is a politically charged issue for sure and the pictures we see have been deemed acceptable for the public. I think there is more to this part of the immigration issue than meets the eye.

How many American children are missing? I mean how many boys and girls are considered runaways across the United States? How many of your neighbors a frantically looking for their children who have simply disappeared? We used to put their pictures and information about them on milk cartons. Now we have PSAs (Public Service Announcements) asking if anyone has seen a child or children and contact phone numbers are given for local law enforcement or the FBI. I don’t have the figures of how many parents and grandparents are looking for their children but there are literally hundreds who go missing EVERY DAY in America.

So shift your focus from the kids in cages propaganda photos and so called special interest stories that are meant to tug at our hearts and get us to loath HSI, DBP, FBI and local law enforcement. Look at how those kids are getting to the border in the first place. Do their parents drive them to the border with a suitcase and a packed lunch and tell them to have a nice life? I don’t think so.

There must be more to this than meets the eye. Where are their parents? Why are we not hearing about parents going to local police reporting their children missing? Why are border guards not alerting local authorities? Why are governments not contacting other governments with photos or other information about these robotic children headed aimlessly toward the United States? How do they even know which way to go? More importantly who is rounding them up, feeding and transporting them? How do they cross international borders without documentation or identification? How do they end up at the border wearing a new “Joe Biden please let me in” t-shirt? Some even have cell phones?

In order to enter a room with a door one must first open the door. When the door is locked one must have a key or someone on the other side to unlock the door and open it right? The same is true at the border. Not everyone who comes to the border has to be let inside. If they do not possess the proper entry documents they are turned away. Or they should be turned away and told to come back with the proper paperwork. Why is that not being done?

This is a failure on the government of Mexico who allowed them into their country in the first place. If they enter Mexico illegally they should be deported back to Guatemala, and in turn deported back to the country of their origin. It’s no secret or huge mystery. They each have a starting point or country of origin (birth). It is that country with the responsibility to care and protect their citizens.

It has been rumored (probably easy to verify) that parents are given money for their kids to make the trip to the US. Is that not in its basic form human trafficking? When an adult shows up with no documentation and has a child that is not his or hers why are the Mexican authorities not called to take them into custody? How did they make it this far and across Mexico?

Now back to the US responsibilities –

The President can limit immigration into the United States. However he cannot ignore or change US law to do so, not even by Executive Order. That would be an abuse of authority and constitute an impeachable offense.  

The Congress cannot decree that anyone be allowed into the United States unless they meet the criteria of US immigration laws. Congress can change or reform immigration laws, but they must be signed into law by the President. Otherwise it is an abuse of authority and constitutes an impeachable offense.

The SCOTUS cannot declare an unconstitutional order in compliance with the Constitution when it is not. They simply determine the order constitutional or unconstitutional otherwise they are outside their constitutional authority and that constitutes an impeachable offense.

Government is not the answer. Bad government is the problem.

The answer is with each God fearing American. It is up to US who exercise the power of our votes to insure that politicians execute the powers of their office to uphold and defend the Constitution while looking out for the safety and security of the citizens of the United States.

There is no constitutional mandate to care for anyone else.

It is unconscionable to focus attention on humanitarian issues while ignoring the issues of public safety of Americans in the United States. We must get our house in order first and that is why America First must become our first priority as a nation. It is why parents buckle their children in before themselves. It is why on an airline and during an inflight emergency adults don the oxygen mask before assisting others. It is why adult children care for elderly parents. You can bicker and badger all you want but if you are not taking care of yourself how in the world can you take care of anyone else?

Immigration concerns everyone. Illegal immigration helps nobody. Orderly immigration to work, go to school or to live in the United States each have processes in place to insure that each come her to obey our laws and become a productive part of our communities.

Not everyone who asks is given permission. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Anyone who is allowed into our nation can and should be removed (deported) when they do not comply with the laws of the United States. Some people can and should be banned from re-entry when the circumstances call for it. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



One thought on “About The Unaccompanied Migrant Children (Kids in Cages)

  1. The children are being used. Once in the U.S. they can send for their parents and then the plan has worked. Biden and Pelosi know the game, they made the rules. It’s all about power and future voters. Once you give 20 million illegal’s the right to vote, there will never be another Republican elected. I have a severe problem with any politician, either side. When we have homeless people, American citizens living on the streets, and families that are living in cars and hungry American kids, then we give illegal’s hotel rooms, free everything for freaking life! Our country is broken beyond repair. Trump tried his best, and it was doing wonders. Now it’s gone in the stroke of a demented pen.


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