Open Letter to Congress


Open Letter to Congress

I don’t care what political party you belong to and neither do a great number of Americans. What I care about is this – You are either an America First citizen or you are not! You made promises to secure enough votes to defeat your political opponent, now you work for US (We the People of the United States of America). So whether you are a Senator or a Representative it is in the best interests of our nation and every citizen that you stop the political posturing and get to work securing our borders, refining our laws and protecting my neighbors and my family. If that is unreasonable to you I suggest that you pack your suitcase and go back home because America cannot afford to have you wasting our time, energy and above all resources so you can call yourself a member of Congress.

If you do not support our Constitution, Our Flag and our National Anthem – Congress is not the place for you. If all you want to do is defund our police, kneel at our Anthem or cling to the racial bantering that divides our country – STOP IT!

If you are more concerned with citizens of other countries and ignore the citizens of THIS country who desperately need your help and support – Congress is not the place for you either.

America deserves better than that! As an elected or appointed representative your primary duty is to PUBLIC SERVICE. That means you serve the public, not the other way around. Stop paying homage to the political hierarchy in the House or in the Senate and do what is right for US (We the People of the United States of America)!

Stop with the tearing down of our history. It is our history and you can’t change it. If you are not Proud to be an American  – don’t take it out on Lee Greenwood – move out of the country to a place of your choosing where you can be proud to be alive.

Rest assured that Americans have awakened to the lame messages and political propaganda that has been floated in front of us daily over the media and social media. We know what patriotism looks like and fighting each other is not it.

The primary purpose of government is the safety and security of the American people first and foremost. How can you or anyone else look out for our interests before you worry about the interests of the citizens of other countries or that of yourself?

It is my opinion the biggest threat to our nation is uppity self-centered and politically insensitive politicians. I am a registered voter in my state. I will be looking at EVERY congressional vote and every bill introduced to see that it benefits me because I do not like my tax dollars being used on pork or pet projects (PPP). I will be talking to my neighbors (don’t care political affiliation either) and encouraging them to vote AGAINST POLITICS AS USUAL. Who knows I may even run against you in the next election?

One thing is certain – congressional stupidity is no longer in fashion. Do the business of the people or get off the pot! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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