What Does Logic Have to Do With It?


What Does Logic Have To Do With It?

When I was a bit younger I had to take psychology in college. One of the things we read and discussed was Pavlov’s Dog Experiments that played a critical role in the discovery of one of the most important concepts in psychology which earned him the Nobel Prize for his study in the concept of classical conditioning with dogs and differing stimuli.

For parents of newborns this is nothing new. New baby cries and parents determine their response according to the need – feeding, changing or rocking to sleep (the baby that is).

This process is repeated as the child grows older. Introduce new foods (vegetables) which the child won’t eat, the response is some sort of bribe “Johnny eat your carrots and we’ll go to the playground” which could be threats of punishment “Jane don’t eat and you go to bed hungry”. It usually doesn’t take a very long time before it becomes “Eat your food or starve” the response – “whatever”.

One doesn’t have to be Pavlov or even have a dog.

So here we are in 2021 after more than a year of this so called pandemic. We were told by liberal democrats and subject matter experts that 15 days of self-isolation, social distancing and wearing a facial covering was to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many people willingly complied. Others did not and the use of force was introduced in the form of mandates and calls to “follow the science”. Small businesses were forced to curtail their operation or face closure. Large businesses adapted and continued to operate because they were essential.  Schools, churches and family gatherings were deemed non-essential and prohibited.

As more and more people began to question the logic of a radical pandemic response it caused quite a rumble in the hood and something had to be done, then surfaced Antifa and BLM among others who not only incited violence but administered domestic justice to any who failed to comply.

Because it was an election year every effort was used to insure that Donald Trump would no longer be president. There were domestic terrorist attacks on American cities where people were hurt and killed, businesses were damaged and or destroyed. Massive interference of the presidential election insured that the very least likely was placed into office at the expense of every single American.

Rather than bring the nation back to any sense of normalcy the invasion of our southern border has hastened the spread of COVID infected people to virtually every part of our nation due to the actions of President Joe Biden and the democratic led Congress in violation of the Constitution.

It doesn’t stop there either. Americans are forbidden from mass gatherings and certain types of travel.

Democrats are calling voter ID laws racist and doing everything in their power (outside of their authority and often against the law) to insure everyone without documentation is able to vote. Yet we see democrats in Congress are attempting to implement a COVID-style passport as a requirement to travel within the country.

Do you know that in order to receive a COVID vaccination one must present a state or federally issued picture ID before being vaccinated?

It seems to me that Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning process is working quite well in America as people would rather comply without resistance to the unconstitutional demands of government.

Let me say this – for thousands of years people have learned to stay away from huge crowds, turn their heads and use a handkerchief to sneeze in public. There is no science to wearing a mask or facial covering unless you are attempting to rob someone. Paper or cloth masks are not designed to stop a virus, simply stop the spread of a sneeze. Using a vaccination-passport is simply a way to control the travel of citizens. I agree with those who say see a doctor when you are sick then stay home until you are no longer sick. Don’t wear a mask UNLESS you are sick because that sends a clear message to others. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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