A Closer Look at Immigration


A Closer Look at Immigration

Two years ago I wrote this blog about immigration and what has happened since then? A president was twice impeached and the border wall underway to completion was stopped when Biden became president and in the 3 months since the Department of Homeland Security has been faced with a preordained assault with hordes of immigrants at border control stations and breaching unfinished portions where the wall stopped.

Immigration has been the lifeblood of the United States of America. Since the Pilgrims landed at Cape Cod, Massachusetts and founded Plymouth Colony in the new world. In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War migrants were settling along the East Coast, then moving westward into the interior. What we’ve had over the years are migrants coming here from virtually all over the globe. The admission criteria is constitutionally set by the President and can be slowed or even stopped if he so desires. So why has this president declared an open southern border while maintaining strict border enforcement at international airports elsewhere in the country?

No President in recent history had taken serious steps to effect a radical change into the immigration laws until Trump, and now with Biden taking the opposite stance. Since Congress has the constitutional authority to legislate, it only makes sense for Congress to take a serious look at the law and whether or not it should be amended. Why has it taken so long and why is immigration still an issue? Both Biden and Harris (current administration) come out of that congressional cesspool and are well aware of the attitude taken by Congress on the issue of immigration. Why have they not acted to fix the problem? Why have they taken action to make matters exponentially worse for the migrants and for America?

The US Southern border with Mexico has been as porous as the waters of the Rio Grande which separates us. Not everyone or everything that crosses the border is good for America. Under Trump steps to tighten up the border crossings were met with resistance from our own Congress.

It is unconscionable that Trump had to battle Congress concerning immigration reform and still they refused to act and now that Biden has opened the border, Congress is willingly allowing this flood of illegal aliens, many of whom are sick with COVID-19 into our country and have passed legislation that would make a path to citizenship for Obama’s unconstitutional executive order on the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) instead of fixing it with proper legislation.

Here we are 3 months into the Biden Administration and our border has been seen a surge of migrants that is in fact an invading army beating down the gates demanding to gain admittance. Thousands of migrants have forged unimpeded across Central American and North American countries in their quest to enter the United States, an attack on our nation.

It is apparent that a lot of financial “grease” has eased entry restrictions and allowed migrant convoys, under police escort all the way to the Tia Juana border areas outside the San Diego border crossing. It is also apparent that United States Citizens who are legal assistants or lawyers have gone into Mexico with “scripts” that instruct migrants how to respond to questions by Border Patrol and Asylum Judges in order to gain entrance under false pretenses by claiming political asylum. Not only are the migrants, but ANYONE who aids and assists them to cross the border illegally or unlawfully are breaking US Immigration Laws. The punishment can be denied entrance, imprisonment and fines. Those seeking entry can be permanently banned from entry. In some cases lawful immigrants can be deported and banned from re-entry into the US. Constitutionally the President can close down the Southern Border indefinitely or restrict entry to certain categories of persons able to enter.

Trump was determined to have the Immigration Issue corrected not by executive order but as it should be done by Congress and was determined to construct a proper wall or barrier or enhance existing barriers to prevent unlawful crossings, drugs and human trafficking. It is still the primary responsibility of the Government of the United States to ensure the safety and security of the American people, lawful residents and international visitors and to prevent unlawful entry.

When Trump pleaded with Congress to keep their focus on America first, he was met with political posturing and total resistance and Congress remained set on doing the complete opposite of what they were asked or encouraged to do, even though it endangered the lives of Americans and Biden has given the green light for illegal immigration which endangers the lives of those undocumented immigrants. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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