Does This Democratic Nonsense Make Any Sense?


Does This Democratic Nonsense Make Any Sense?

How much more do we have to take before someone says “ENOUGH”?

The US Southern Border is wide open, illegal aliens are being funneled into American cities without concern of consequences. Every day we are told that doing good is racist and being bad is socially acceptable.

President Biden has given a shout out to anyone wanting to come into the country to use the back door. Meanwhile international airports still require TSA inspections, Customs and Immigration documents and procedures. The current administration’s policies make absolutely no sense.

Ilhan Omar says it is our human responsibility to care for these migrant children. I say it is not. They belong with their families in their home countries, just like every other family.

AOC says we must pay repatriations to the children held in BPS custody under Trump, but nothing about the thousands 1700% over capacity held by Biden. I say no way. In fact these children and every illegal alien (even those with a note from Biden) need to be removed from our country.

The new infrastructure proposal is part of The Biden Deal (otherwise known as The Green New Deal) and is not good for our country, or any country for that matter.

There have been irruptions of violence in major cities, small towns and even the nation’s Capital committed by domestic terrorists and common criminals to instill fear in American’s, fear that it will happen here next.

Ronald Reagan said government is responsible to protect and secure the American people.

Donald Trump said immigration is a privilege, not a right.

Joe Biden said just come on in and we’ll give you free stuff.

Today I saw a published article that showed buses transporting illegal migrants from a Border Patrol facility to undisclosed locations across the nation. I want to know where are these buses coming from as they appear to be prison buses. Are they contracted buses? If so who owns them and more importantly who is raking in the government dollars from this illegal enterprise?

We are 76 days into the Biden administration and the damage to America is unmeasurable. Will it even be able to be reversed?

I saw another headline that Kamala Harris is furious that she is living out of suitcases 2 months after being inaugurated as Vice President and you know what that means right? It means that instead of unpacking for the VP residence she may be itching to move right into the White House sooner than expected?

And all the while we are fed snippets of Georgia GOP infringing on voter rights by passing a voter ID law that will inhibit black voters who are unable to get a free state ID. So infuriated are people that major league baseball has moved their national playoffs out of the state of Georgia in protest and even Barack Obama has spoken out about this miscarriage of justice. I’m sure this is going right down his playbook. After all it is my opinion that the Obama shadow government transitioned quite nicely into the Biden administration and White House staff. Tell me now who’s calling the shots – it surely isn’t Joe Biden. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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