What Does Jim Crow Have To Do With Anything Really?

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What does Jim Crow Have To Do With Anything Really?

First of all and after a brief search I have discovered that Jim Crow wasn’t a real person. Surprise, Surprise!

It seems that in the 1800s a character based on a trickster popular among black slaves was immortalized by a white man in black face, sort of like what the governor of Virginia did recently but nobody is talking about anymore. He used theatre plays to perpetuate and accentuate depictions of black people using stereotypes.

A series of state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States became known as Jim Crow laws in the 19th and 20th centuries by white Democratic-dominated state legislatures after the Reconstruction period and were enforced until 1965 according to Wikipedia.

It seems to me that this democratic tool has been used over the last 40+ years to ensure compliance amongst the poor and blacks not only in the south but across the nation while pushing the blame onto non-blacks and non-democrats at the same time.

So the Georgia state legislature passes a bill and the governor signs it into law that requires voters to comply with mandatory voter identification and we are to believe its Jim Crow 2.0? That is an insult to law abiding citizens of the state of Georgia and of the nation itself.

Adding insult to injury is President Joe Biden calling for a boycott of anything Georgia, reinforced by members of Congress, the media and large corporations and sports entities who say that blacks in America are either not smart enough or educated to obtain a state or federal picture identification or able to register to vote. Isn’t that what democrats have been doing all along? You know insulting our intelligence?

Prior to the 2021 Georgia state election didn’t this president promise voters he would give them each a $2,000 stimulus check if they voted for democrats? Isn’t that attempting to bribe voters to influence an election?

Here are some hard and fast rules that a great many states have been using successfully to insure elections are conducted fairly.

  1. Voters must present photo identification to register.
  2. Voters must choose a political party or to be unaffiliated.
  3. Voters must be residents of their precinct.
  4. Voters must be alive.
  5. Voters must present photo identification to vote early.
  6. Voters must present photo identification to vote in person.
  7. Voters must present photo identification to vote by mail.
  8. Voters must vote only one time.

Currently there are 36 states that have voter ID laws and other states use other methods to verify voter identity and there are some who say voter ID laws are discriminatory, why because they prevent non-registered or non-eligible voters from casting ballots? Click here for Voter ID Requirements.

Are there requirements for photo ID with a STAR in order to obtain a driving license, travel by air, or to purchase alcohol, pickup theatre or sporting event tickets or vehicle registration, home ownership documents, a loan or cashing a check, medical appointments, getting a COVID vaccine or obtaining medical insurance coverage?

So tell me again what does Jim Crow have to do with anything, really? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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