Immigrants versus Refugees


Immigrants versus Refugees

Wording is everything when it comes to misinformation. The US always has been and always will be a nation of immigrants. The backbone of our economy was built upon the strength of our people. In the wild the laws of nature depend upon the survival of the fittest. A nation survives on the contributions of its citizens and the caliber of the immigrants applying for entry. What is happening today is a campaign of disinformation whereby the interchanging of words is meant to diffuse the situation and create a guilt complex in order to circumvent US immigration laws.

The Biden administration (often called the Biden-Harris administration by President Biden and others) has taken to opening the US southern border and we are told it is for so called refugees and that is not true.

A refugee is someone fleeing their country for political, religious or ethnic persecution?  International protocol is to apply for asylum at the first country they flee to. Asylum seekers must demonstrate they are in fear for their lives and they seek refuge. If they are turned down, they can apply at an embassy or consulate of still another country where they must request refugee status. That is not what we have been seeing. It is obviously not what we are being told is happening either.

A migrant is someone who migrates from one place to another for a host of reasons. When that person choses to leave their home country they become immigrants and must have travel documents authorizing them to leave their native country and normally a visa to enter another country.

We are told by politicians that it is our moral responsibility to accept these “refugees” regardless of documentation or lack thereof. Not all migrants are refugees however all refugees are migrants. Not all migrants are willing participants in this relocation process. Many are victims of human trafficking, Take the unaccompanied children who are “escorted” to the border and placed in holding cells. Does anyone even know what country they came from or where their parents are? I find it hard to believe that a mother or father missing a child is not actively seeking answers to what happened?    

When an immigrant comes to our country we have an obligation to treat them as one of us. They incur an obligation to strive to become one of us, to merge into our blended society and work to make life better for themselves and everyone around them.

The fact that the current administration has instructed law enforcement to ignore immigration laws makes the president and his administration officials complicit in breaking the law. When condoned by congress, they have become law breakers instead of law makers.

It is the primary function of government, under the US Constitution, for the safety and security of American citizens. How hard is that to understand? Opening the border to what amounts to invaders surging US border stations, swarming across portions of the border wall/fence and/or being released into the interior of our country and during a “pandemic” is simply unconscionable!

If our immigration laws are flawed or broken as has been suggested, why has Congress not fixed it? President Joe Biden has been in office just over 60 days of his first 100 days and he has done more damage to our nation than he and Obama did for 8 years. In fact Biden spent 37 years in congress and Obama spent 8 years in congress prior to taking office as president. They were both Senators long enough to make significant changes that could have reformed immigration, but chose not to, why?

Under G.W. Bush the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was passed by congress and signed into law, yet was not aggressively applied by Bush or Obama during their administrations. Why not? In fact it was not until Trump applied pressure and begun construction of the “Wall” while fighting a hostile congress that nearly 50% of the border had been secured with a new and impressive modular wall that could have been completed in less than 4 years. So why was it stopped by Biden’s administration?

The plan is clear to me. What is happening is a continuation of the “Obama Plan” for America which is designed to decimate the economy and control the nation by reducing Americans to a welfare state mentality to be easily controlled. A nation flooded by third world “peasants” who have fled that very oppression in their native countries ceases to be that beacon of hope in a dark and dreary world.

It’s time to wake up America. If we fail to protect the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic we may soon have no constitution or any of the rights guaranteed by it. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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