Subterfuge at the Highest Level


Subterfuge at the Highest Level

The masterful planning, organizing and execution of a coup against the President of the United States was done by the Democratic Party and employees and former officials of our own government using the textbook ideas of Saul Alinsky in what history may record as the greatest community organizer of modern time.

Who would have thought a young boy in the ghettos of Indonesia would migrate to the streets of Chicago and then climb the social ladder all the way to the White House. While that is a noteworthy accomplishment would it ever be enough?

I’ve struggled for the right word to describe the spirit of that journey. Merriam-Webster’s definition of Subterfuge sums it up nicely – “the acts or practices of one who deliberately deceives. Subterfuge suggests the adoption of a stratagem or the telling of a lie in order to escape guilt or to gain an end.

I’ve read how this young man began studying early on the teachings of Alinsky before putting those practices and ideas into action as a community organizer. He made a name for himself and as he became well known in Chicago he entered politics as a Democratic appointee to the Illinois state senate where he completed two terms. He then ran and won the seat to the US senate where he also completed two terms. By all accounts his tenure in the senate was unremarkable, until the 2008 presidential election where he surprised and even eclipsed party favorite Hillary Clinton to clinch the nomination and win the election to become the 44th President of the United States. That was quite an accomplishment. We must not forget that all during his time in politics he continued honing and developing his community organizing skills.

The results of the 2016 election was seen as merely a bump in the road as plans went into action to prevent the successful transition of power from Barack Obama to Donald Trump without a fight. The real subterfuge began with the Russian Collusion scandal designed to take the heat off any wrongdoings by Obama administration officials.

The Democratic Party mobilized as a resistance to the Trump administration. There were outright acts of collusion and treasonous activities being taken publicly to take down the sitting president. Accusations of sexual impropriety that would normally sink any politician did not deter Trump.

Almost from the start the Mueller Investigation began and lasted for two long years failing to uncover any wrongdoing by members of the Trump campaign with Russian interference in the election. America watched as allegation after allegation surfaced in an attempt to trap the new president, isolate and immobilize his cabinet and render the Trump administration ineffective.

While former Obama officials traipsed around injecting advice in foreign affairs (treasonous at best) congressional leaders sought ways to impeach him and finally over a leaked phone call (another treasonous act against the president) leading to a drawn out impeachment trial and an acquittal by the senate.

The accomplishments of the Trump administration were simply ignored by a main stream media so grossly ingrained into the politics and subterfuge of the Democratic Party focusing entirely on localized and national division on race.

By the presidential election of 2020 it had been decided that defeat by any means was the gold standard of the Democratic Party. America began to see corporate and social media giants taking action to silence dissenting voices while judicial agents and agencies ran for cover.

Phase two began with acts of violence at the nation’s Capital during the final phase of the election. Democrats in congress immediately cast blame on the president and lead to a second impeachment trial that was conducted even after Trump left office and ended in acquittal. Even this was not enough. Congressional Democrats went into vengeance mode exploring ways to punish this former president so that he could never return to the Oval Office again.

In these early days of the current administration what we are seeing is blatant subterfuge with a president and vice president who have clearly demonstrated that they are not equipped to handle the tremendous responsibilities of the Executive Branch. Behind the scenes we catch glimpses of former Obama administration officials in key positions of power in what is being called the “Biden-Harris administration”. Never before in history has a president’s administration ever been cast this way.

While Americans seem powerless to address the abuses of power one must wonder who is truly in charge. The community organizer understands that power goes to the one who controls money and people. How do you control people? Use their money and control their freedom.

We are being distracted by inflamed racial violence taking the spotlight; increased immigration issues becoming very prevalent; and in foreign affairs the world is changing right before our very eyes.

The nation as we have known it is all but a thing of the past. Honor to the creator is called evil and evil is called a human right. We are told that taking care of others takes precedence over taking care of ourselves.  We have been told we are in a pandemic and the way out is no longer a safe one. Only government knows the right way. Only government knows who is essential and who is not.

The United States of America is not a democracy, but a constitutional-republic. Our laws and our way of life is structured and governed by the Constitution of the United States.

It is the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments) which guarantees our freedom to worship God; maintain our way of self-defense; ensure fair treatment in the courts; our right to vote; and so much more.

It is our Declaration of Independence that declares our right to dissolve an unresponsive government and create one that is responsive to our needs.

It is our National Anthem where we publicly declare our allegiance to this nation, under God.

It is the Flag, the stars and stripes that stands for freedom at home and abroad.

It is by the Oath of Office taken by every member in uniform that we pledge to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies (foreign and domestic).

It is by our faith in Almighty God that we humbly stand before you committed to the cause of freedom and by the will and purpose of God that we are here at this place, at this time in history. One man or one woman can make a difference. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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