America’s Un-President


America’s Un-President

I remember when a certain soft drink was marketed as the “Un-Cola” giving everyone a new choice.

The presidential election of 2020 did precisely the very same thing and we have verifiable evidence that #46 is truly the “Un-President”. In fact Joe Biden has referred to his administration as the Biden-Harris Administration.

At first I thought it was a gaff but after listening to him refer to his Vice President as President Harris and her husband introducing her after the inauguration as the next President I’m not so sure Biden hasn’t already “abdicated the throne” so to speak. By all accounts Joe Biden is the president for the little guy, you know the illegal immigrants he allowed into our country and announced a path to citizenship rather than a path leading outside on the Mexican side of the border.

In less than 90 days President Biden has broken more promises than his former boss Barack Obama. He has promised a substantial stimulus check for Georgian voters who voted Democrat, but failed to deliver. He has terminated the XL Pipeline; mandated government vehicles become eVehicles; cancelled the Trump wall (really the American wall at the border); moved rapidly to protect legislators against American citizens; initiated plans to raise taxes; terminate fossil fuel production and usage; mandated masks for everyone – indefinitely; and is studying packing the SCOTUS, all were finalized almost before breakfast on day one.

Biden’s strong suit is his ability to legislate through executive action (just like Obama) and create legislation to get signed off by Congress (instead of the way the Constitution says it must be done). Under Biden-Harris we’ve lost Dr. Seuss, gun toting cartoons and a stinker of a French lover-type of smelly kitty.

Americans must realize that along with giving up their guns, they must also let go of their freedoms and rights under the Constitution according to Joe Biden.

The real message of the Biden-Harris administration is voters are not black enough if they don’t vote Democrat and young voters are just plain stupid. Georgia’s voter ID law (they’ve been doing it for more than 20 years already) but now it is against the law to hand out water or snacks to voters waiting in line. That’s going to cut down on the distribution of Jimmy Carter peanuts and Biden water bottles.

Another lesson from the Biden defense department is all military must pledge to support and defend the commander in chief or face expulsion on the grounds of white supremists tendencies (even if you’re not white) and yes trans-in-military is now authorized (don’t ask – they will tell you) and want extra protection and privileges at the exchange makeup counter. One of the best signs I’ve seen on social media is one that says – “Don’t blame me I voted for Trump.” – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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