Lawlessness is Not Acceptable Behavior


Lawlessness is Not Acceptable Behavior

When has it ever been appropriate or acceptable to destroy and/or steal the property of someone else? I’m sorry but it has never been tolerated throughout biblical times or in America. Our society is based on the rule of law which is enshrined in the Constitution. When someone breaks the laws of a state or our nation the constitution mandates justice under the law.

We have had and always will have an imperfect judicial system so long as we have imperfect men and women. However when someone breaks the law, someone else has to enforce the law. In recent years we have gone from the Wild West to a civilized society where law and order is maintained by peace officers for the benefit of everyone.

We should never tolerate defiance or insolence at home, school, in the workplace or in the public square.

Lawlessness is not a constitutional right!

When criminals are left unpunished they tend to become repeat offenders. Many are bullies and thugs who rule by fear and intimidation. It doesn’t matter if it is in the home, on the block or in a local neighborhood. It doesn’t matter if the bully is in local, state or federal politics – a bully is still a bully.

When a police officer crosses over the line and goes bad who is at fault? Is it society in general or does the blame fall on the individual police officer? When someone is accidentally or intentionally killed by a police officer who then is responsible? Was it a personal choice made by that police officer? Or was it an institutional training issue where inadequate police leadership or maybe the city council and mayor are just as equally to blame?

In every case the situation calls for an investigation into the events surrounding the death or injury inflicted. Quite often there’s more to the story than meets the eye. In today’s technological age where instant transmission of misinformation can blow an entire event out of proportion we must take the time to allow investigators to gather all the facts. It doesn’t help when people in a community or neighborhood don’t trust or want to talk to the police.

It surely doesn’t help when outside organizations take advantage of the situation just to stir up racial tensions that lead to violence, vandalism, rioting, death or destruction of private or public property.

It is the primary responsibility of government (local, state and federal) to insure the safety and welfare of America citizens, without regard to ethnic or national origin.

It is the responsibility of citizens and visitors alike to obey and honor the laws of the city, state and the nation.

It is the responsibility of law enforcement leadership to insure adequate and proper procedures are followed while enforcing the law.

We have had many issues by law enforcement resulting in death of a suspect in custody or during a traffic stop. Although every death is tragic, no death justifies rioting, looting or attacking law enforcement or other people. Violence begets violence.

We have seen suspects of a crime attempt to draw weapons on police officers and the families of the suspects cry foul because their loved one was killed.

We have seen police officers responding to a 911 call or engaging in a traffic stop being ambushed or shot and killed point blank and there are no families crying foul.

We have had law enforcement shoot and kill a suspect during a mostly peaceful exercise of their right to assemble, while violent criminals are allowed to continue their rampage unopposed and nobody blinks an eye.

We have watched as elected officials condone the violence in the streets of their cities and states while they clamor for the defunding and dissolving of police. They then take their police bodyguards and go about their business as usual.

The vast majority of law enforcement officers are doing a tough job without the support or backup from their elected or appointed leadership, local officials or the public while 100% of the criminals continue to break the law, many do it unabated knowing they face no consequences for their actions.

We must teach our children to honor God, obey his commandments and to respect themselves, other people and their property and to obey the laws of our nation. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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