Upholding America’s “Democratic” Values


Upholding America’s “Democratic” Values

Someone once told me it’s not so bad so to smile things could be worse. So naturally I smiled and sure enough things did get progressively worse. With a combative congress, a biological weapon used by China against the entire world and now a democratically controlled government bent on the destruction of the United States of America by any and all means at their disposal.

Forgive me if I missed anything but just off the top of my head I have recounted some of the following actions being taken by democrats in Congress and in the White House that they have taken over through a “soft” coup:

$15 per hour Minimum Wage = cost of products and services will raise drastically.

Cancel Culture = is in itself offensive!

Congress Spending Tax Dollars Unwisely = pork and for political purposes is unconstitutional.

Defund/ Abolish the Police = lawlessness will prevail.

Erase Trump = America First.

Failure from the Legislative Branch = became lawbreakers by ignoring and not upholding Constitution.

Failure from the Judicial Branch = to Uphold the Constitution.

Fence Around Congress = isolate from public access and unconstitutional abuse of power.

Flood the Nation with Illegals = unconstitutional act against national security and public safety.

Forgiveness for Student Debt = shirk fiscal responsibility, places unnecessary financial burden on public.

Green New Deal (Biden Deal) = hurts economy and is unsustainable.

Gun Control = does not deter criminals with guns, inhibits public safety and is unconstitutional.

Legislate from the Executive Branch = unconstitutional

Lockdown Cities, Counties and States over COVID = unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Mail-in Voting for Everyone = unconstitutional (registered US Citizens must request absentee ballots)

Mask Mandate for Everyone = unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Open the Border = national security risk and public safety hazard and is unconstitutional.

Pack the SCOTUS = for political reasons is not in public interest.

Path to Citizenship for DACA = unconstitutional.

Racism and Racial Division = promoted by Congress, the President and the Media.

Raise Taxes on Everyone = during a “pandemic” crushes wage earner’s ability to provide for family.

Reparations for Blacks = absurd and unconstitutional.

Stimulus to Illegals = absurd, unnecessary and political.

Stop Keystone XL Pipeline = unwise and prevents the cost effective movement of petroleum to storage.

Vaccines for Everyone = unconstitutional.

These actions being taken by a democratic Congress and an incapable President will result in destroying the nation offend me and must be stopped and proper corrective action taken. Instead of catering to the whims of fake politicians and operatives of other nations or interests we must go back to the basics.

We must commit ourselves to honoring God and becoming obedient to his word and teaching our children what it means to be a Christian.

We must then go into overdrive to bring forth the understanding of what an America First priority means and only then that we can help or assist other nations or the people of the world through a position of strength.

The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the Constitution do not give the right to “anything goes”. Congressional Democrats aided by many Republicans have lowered the bar to achievements so that everybody can trip over it and receive their participation trophy.

I may not always be right (because I’m a lefty)…….I am the Real Truckmaster!



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