Hold the Media Accountable


Hold the Media Accountable

What is the purpose of journalism? To report on the news responsibly as it happens or to misreport news stories to inflame readership and boost sales?

Basic Tenets of Good Journalism

Do Not:

Deceptively alter quotes

Present info out of context

Fabricate material


Make false claims

Recklessly disregard the truth

Publish defamatory claims

Omit important context

Push false narratives


Contact subject of story for comment

Be fair

Seek both sides

Check facts for accuracy

Becoming a professional journalist is a choice that requires investigative legwork to insure accuracy. To willfully ignore the tenets of journalism to score political points is also a choice to willfully disrespect another person, publish false reports or fake news in an attempt to destroy another person’s reputation.

It goes against the tenets of good journalism and is never acceptable. It says more about you than the targeted individual. When you submit written or visual reports with your name on it don’t be surprised if it brands you as a wisecracking double-tongued nincompoop and completely destroys your reputation.

If the organization you work for is part and partial to allow deceptive journalism – run don’t just walk away. Hold yourself accountable! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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