Critical Democratic Demonization Theory


Critical Democratic Demonization Theory

In the spirit of fairness I feel that one theory in the political landscape of America has been virtually ignored and that is the Critical Democratic Demonization Theory. This theory was initiated in late 2016 before being put into practice in 2017 during the Trump Administration.

In short those who identify as MAGA / Trump supporters are demonized and labeled as un-American; fair game to verbal and physical attack as American’s are gaslighted with misinformation, smears and character assassination on social media, news outlets and on television.

Using the Saul Alinsky playbook “Rules for Radicals” it’s like all is fair in love and war, this is anything but love. In fact the Liberal Progressive Democratic Party guidelines as expressed by Michelle Obama while her husband was president, “when they go high, we go low”. At her urging democrats set the bar so low that congressional democrats and elected democratic officials literally had to raise themselves up to fall over it.

The CDD Theory is so biased that ordinary democrats who stray from the party line or espouse non-traditional rhetoric are simply not black or black enough or beneath the dignity of card carrying democrats.

While witnessing the breakdown of American society and the economic collapse of what had been a booming economy one need only look as far as the Critical Democratic Demonization Theory will allow and give credit where credit is due – to the Democratic Party? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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