Hijacked – the MAGA Rally of January 6th 2021


Hijacked – the MAGA Rally of January 6th 2021

I’ve studied pictures and written article after article and listened to firsthand accounts of the events of January 6th, 2021 and I find it hard to believe that anyone would not clearly see how the MAGA Rally was hijacked by Antifa, just like they did for the BLM’s George Floyd Protest Rally in Minneapolis.

Antifa continues today running free in Portland and Seattle with full support of politicians and the complete backing of Congressional Democratic Leadership, and BLM has been raking in the big bucks through what amounts to graft or “hush money” from corporate and business stimulus payments.

What is worse is that many American’s have bought into “The Big Lie” that President Trump organized and encouraged the attack on the Capital in an attempt to disrupt the final phase of the 2020 election process and their manufactured hatred of anything Trump has impaired their cognitive reasoning ability, like we see every day with President Biden.

There has been so much misinformation and outright lies being told as truth by politicians and the media that protecting it on social media has been done using a technique called gaslighting.

What has not been discussed or properly investigated is who planted backpacks with explosives outside the Capital Building and the DNC Headquarters the night of January 5th or early morning of January 6th? Video clearly shows suspicious activity, yet we hear nothing of any arrests being made.

Another item overlooked is how, who and where were these Antifa domestic terrorists were able to conceal their presence in Washington DC, were escorted inside the Capital prior to the MAGA folks arriving from the rally? Video has surfaced showing Capital Police instructing Antifa (wearing Trump caps and holding a Trump flag) to remain peaceful inside the Capital. Once inside it was these same Antifa folks (posing in MAGA gear) that caused the disruption and violence inside the Capital.

After Trump gave his speech and told the MAGA crowd to go peacefully to the Capital so their voices would be heard, it was reported by the initial MAGA folks to arrive near the Capital they witnessed Antifa being escorted inside by Capital Police. As the MAGA crowd began arriving they were directed by Capital Police to enter the Capital through designate entrances.

To their credit Capital Police and Secret Service agents evacuated legislators from the Capital Building into a safe haven location away from the Capital.

What did not take long was to cast the blame on Trump for ramping the MAGA crowd into frenzy, but anyone watching the live footage would see men, women and children (families) and hot, tired Americans having walked for 45 minutes in the midday sun standing and watching as Antifa caused mayhem in front of the main entrance to the Capital building. It is clear who were and were not MAGA folks, even though some of the grubbiest and roughest misfits donning red Trump hats were obviously staging photo ops for effect.

The FBI has been posting hundreds of photos of people who were inside the Capital on January 6th, but many of the criminal elements have yet to be arrested, unless they were verifiable MAGA folks. Don’t take my word alone, do your own due diligence and you can plainly find that the real culprits are freely walking around as they continue to incite violence in cities across America. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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