About Being White


About Being White

I don’t buy into Critical Race Theory which is bent on making white people feel guilty about being white. As the question presented in this you tube photo, “What do you like about being white?” suggests, let me answer it up front – I like being alive and free to make up my own mind about…….well – EVERYTHING!

I’ve noticed quite a number of programs on cable television which are made to attract black audiences, using an all-star cast of all black characters , black commercials and well the very blackest of black themes that only promote racism.

If the same emphasis was placed to attract all white audiences, using an all-star cast of all white characters, white commercials and well the whitest of white themes would that not promote racism too?

Apply that to Asians, Indians, Spanish, Polish, and German, Russian or any of the 54 African nations and still no matter how you slice it – racism is racism in any of its various forms.

So as the bible says, it’s not what goes into you but what comes out of you that defiles a man. I guess the best way to fight racism is not to feed into the frenzy. Don’t talk about it, think about it or tell others about it.

Instead of calling yourself a hyphenated-man or woman, why not simply call yourself a man or a woman and not that Trans-anything. Being politically correct is simply twisting incorrectness to the extreme and in the end wrong is still wrong. After all God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



2 thoughts on “About Being White

  1. Well stated. Racism comes in all skin colors, and is not defined by “a word.” I was a kid in the 1950s here in Fort Worth Texas, and believe me, I saw it first hand. I will never buy into the woke culture or the shaming game. I am what I am.


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