The Most Important Culture in America


The Most Important Culture in America

We have been told that a broad brush stroke of society is determined by skin color and holding down a job is bad but it is good to take all the government handouts you “deserve”. We have been led to believe that certain American cultures and traditions are bad. I just won’t buy into that mindset.

God created man in his image.

Whether rich or poor, slave or free, God created us all equal. This nation was birthed on biblical principles so that worshiping God would not be inhibited by man or government. Man created politics to bring forth division for the express purpose of controlling other men. Greed feeds division.

America was built on the backs and hard work of men and women of many cultures, tribes and nations with each contributing to the fabric of our nation. I call it investing in our future or bringing something to the community table.

Many people have come to this country by choice to raise their family in peace and safety. Others fled oppressive regimes where fear of death was very much a part of their daily existence. Still others came here to take advantage of and steal the American Dream.

Among those who came to this new world were the dreamers who saw possibilities beyond what others saw. Hard work and long hours paid dividends – land to raise produce, homes to shelter families, cattle and horses to work the land and provide food on the table and in due time financial savings and security for the future.

What culture is the most important? It’s a rhetorical question that is relative to each individual and family. Just what is culture anyway? Is it comprised of customs, traditions or found in story telling that is written or passing down from one generation to another?

The fabric of America is blended from many colors and textures. Our nation is better when those who contribute bring out the best in us. We are not all created to be cooks or janitors, salesmen or corporate executives, yet we can each bring to the table what is important to us, like commitment to one another – we call family; commitment to a job or organization – we call loyalty; and commitment to community and to our nation – we call patriotism. The highest form of commitment must come from our heart – to our God, seeking his will above our own selfishness.  We must seek God first, love our family always and honor our nation – before ourselves.

When we do our best to make life better for others around us asking nothing in return, but the approval of the Almighty, then we will know that – Every Culture is the Most Important in America, and around the world. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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