What Have You Done for Your Country?


Don’t you just hate it when an armchair quarterback or backseat driver criticizes your decisions both personally and professionally?  In a recent headline Representative Liz Chaney (R-WY) compared President Trump’s NC GOP speech to that of the Chinese Communist Party, so I must ask Liz – “What have you done beginning day one in your political career to change the ‘politics-as-usual’ and to make America better than it was?” In fact I put that question to every member of congress.

To his credit when President Trump came into office he began looking forward at what America could become and knew how to make things happen all because he was not looking through a political filter. Not only was Trump battled the political left of both parties in congress and had to take the path of most resistance in order to reach the goals he set to move the nation forward.

Within the GOP, both house and senate Republicans were more than hesitant to get behind or support Trump’s agenda because they did not want to rock the political boat or felt pressure from the left or didn’t want to distance themselves from voters at home. Out of those members of congress came Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) who wanted to be seen in the news and on record opposing Trump at every step. America was built not on politicians but hard working men and women with a vision for a better tomorrow and saw a clear path to get there without government interference.

Some have said that Trump’s grip on the GOP has divided the Republican Party. To them I say poppycock! The Republican Party all but died during the 8 years of Obama. When the GOP controlled both chambers of Congress (House and Senate) they did not effectively exercise their authority to fix many inconsistencies or clear errors in laws that would have made our nation safer or our borders more secure. They effectively turned out the light of freedom in America and were afraid that Trump would turn that light back on, which he did.

With the birth of the MAGA movement that light began to shine and projected hope of a better tomorrow, but only because of the optimistic vision of President Trump, who saw as Reagan did that America as that shinning city on a hill where with God anything is possible.

Moving forward the GOP must embrace the policies and ideas put forth by President Trump and abandon the scorched-earth mindset of the old Republican Party and blaze a new path forward to a brighter future for America or get out of the way. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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