Happy Days Are Here Again


Happy Days Are Here Again?

Don’t you just like the way President Biden’s progressive liberal Administration has been pushing “America is Back” as their catchy phrase? So I ask back from where or what?

Someone once said to turn Biden’s basement into a copy of the oval office and tell him he won the election and he’d believe it. I guess someone did just that. The bad part is all the liberals believed it hook, line and sinker (you gotta be a fisher to get that).

Seriously our economy took a serious nose-dive when Biden was sworn in on January 20th, but the liberal left couldn’t see it coming. In fact our elected officials threw our entire country under the proverbial bus. The border gates were swung open and welded in that position. CBP officers were overwhelmed by the mass of undocumented migrants that stormed the border and Biden said “come on man, we’re waiting for you”. Under his direction they were put up in motels, placed on buses and given temporary entry status as refugees, when in fact they were not.

More than 2 months after VP Harris was placed in charge of the “fiasco at the border” she made her first international trip south of the border for a photo op with kids in school, then under pressure told Guatemalans “don’t come to the United States, we have the most secure border, don’t come.” (Paraphrased by me)

 Did I mention that on day one Biden stopped the border wall construction and then stopped construction on the XL pipeline that cost 48,000 American jobs? The pipeline has been operational, but the XL pipeline would have greatly increased its capacity. The result was increased prices for gasoline and therefore increased pricing for consumer goods that must be processed and transported throughout the nation.

Biden dissed the British government’s decision to pull out of the European Union, then went to the G7 Summit in London where he gave the British Prime Minister a $6,000 bicycle and received in exchange a framed Wikipedia photo of Frederick Douglass. Talk about being short changed………

It may not be the days of wine and roses, or even Thunderbird time but if America is back the world must be rolling on the floor laughing ROTFL.

Liberal Democrats fought Trump for 4 years in order to get “their best” into the White House and the best they could do was Biden/Harris?

One career politician who failed to solve the nation’s problems over the past 45 years; the other couldn’t find the door unless someone pointed it out to her.

So America is back, huh? We’re about to get poked in our collective eye with a big stick and nobody, but nobody sees it coming.

Do I sound a little cynical, maybe a bit Sarcastic? You can bet your bottom dollar I am. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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