What is a Flag?


What is a Flag?

Flags come in many shapes and sizes. Each flag is designed to provide strength and support; identity or fear. We are told to wear red or hang a red flag in the window to show support for our deployed military or a blue flag showing support for law enforcement. Sports teams have flags sporting the team logo.

So when did flags first appear? Maybe it began in the garden when Adam and Eve hoisted a huge, hand-made fig to hide their nakedness from God.  Or did Noah fly a flag depicting animals on top of the Ark?

Today churches of varying denominations fly a red, white and blue Christian flag depicting unity in Christ.

Over time each empire had flags and warring armies used battle flags to rally their forces and strike fear in the hearts of the enemy.

Not that long ago the black flag with white lettering appeared in the Middle East. It was flown from vehicles and by men headed off to war. People fled or hid trying to escape certain death and destruction that was sure to come. One thing about that black and white flag, it made a clear target.

So when I see the black flag with white lettering openly flaunted in American cities, by people bent on destroying the American way of life I can’t help but see that flag as a target. When wanton destruction, rioting, looting, burning and killing is done under the guise of “Freedom of” be very aware that lawlessness in its many forms will be met with deadly force.

American’s have “Old Glory”, the Stars and Stripes that has evolved over time by blood, sweat and tears of men and women like you and I and it represents the United States of America with thirteen stripes and fifty stars. It is flown over government buildings, over homes and on vehicles as a source of identity and pride in our nation. In foreign lands it flies over US embassies and US military installations. It is a refuge for weary travelers who know that it represents home. To our enemies its meaning is entirely different and they know deadly force is at their doorstep.

Is your flag something you rally behind that brings pride or fear?

Are you are willing to stake your very life on it?

These are just some of the things to contemplate as we prepare to celebrate Flag Day tomorrow on June 15th ahead of our nation’s birth on July 4th. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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