A Man With A Plan


A Man With A Plan

I don’t know what angers me more those pushing the narrative that Trump was for himself or that the January 6th 2021 assault on the Capitol was Trump trying to prevent the peaceful transition of power to the duly elected president. Nothing could be further from the truth as both are false narratives.

Those who know me know without a doubt that I still support President Trump even after he left office on January 20th. In fact I’ve spoken with a number of friends about what I believe was accomplished when Trump took office in 2017. Some of my friends are not Trump supporters and that’s fine with me. However when a peaceful discussion turns into either a shouting match or disrespectful it’s game over.

For those never-Trumpers who believed and/or continue to believe the lies as broadcast, printed or preached from the rooftops that Trump was a bad man and the worse president in history – I beg to differ and I’ll go so far as to say “you don’t know jack about Trump”.

People who go into American politics learn to sink or swim and soon learn to play the game of politics very quickly. In politics it’s customary to say and do whatever it takes to gain the almighty vote. Nothing is out of bounds. Promise the moon and deliver squat.

When Democrats deal with political opponents doing them dirty will derail their political career in a heartbeat. Taking them down becomes an art form. Street rules have no boundaries or limitations. The end is justified by the means.

When Republicans deal with political opponents they are held up to the light of the Constitution and voted out of office. The rules are clear – morals matter and the Rule of Law IS the Constitution.

Voters are confused on just about every issue. They cannot see that the party complaining the most about racism is the racist party that has instituted and continues to back racist issues and voters don’t see that the party that fights for the rights of ALL Americans is the party fighting the racist antics of the Democratic Party.

That brings us back to Trump. He was a true outsider, a non-politician, a man who knew politicians and used them to advance his business, but never stooped to their level in doing so. It was essential that Trump knew who were his friends and his enemies.

When he won the election he went straight to the heart of Congress and “strongly encouraged” (as only Trump could) congressional leaders to do their job in righting an Obama wrong by addressing DACA with legislation and fixing immigration laws, promising that he would sign them into law. Trump found a fully hostile congress that lasted his entire 4 years in office. Trump had a plan to make America better and he knew how to move forward with his plan.

The only way politicians (Democrat and Republicans) figured to stop him was actively resist anything Trump. Democrats hated him, gave him no credit when credit was due and blamed him for everything. Republicans hated him because he wasn’t a card carrying republican. For 2 years there was the Russia Collusion Hoax and constant threats of impeachment. After the Democrats took the House in the 2018 mid-terms, they began the first sham impeachment that ultimately found Trump acquitted. Every ploy brought against Trump failed to achieve his removal or resignation from office.

Not even the death threats made by Democratic members of Congress or Hollywood elites worked or caused Trump to deviate from his plan of making America better.

On November 3rd, 2020 when Americans cast their ballots it became clear that Trump was ahead in the polls and in counties or districts in traditionally blue states. Overnight a number of inconsistencies began happening, counters were ordered to stop; boxes of ballots were brought in to certain counting stations and the tallies began changing. When challenged by Trump campaign officials and President Trump the Democrats and their media began calling those challenges bogus. Calls for forensic audits went against deaf ears. It was clear that the Democratic push for national mail-in ballots was a sham. Reports of improper programming of Dominion Voting machines and Software resulting in Republican votes going to Democrats further fueled the charges of voter fraud.

To make matters worse, social media began silencing and removing those who spoke out concerning voter or election fraud. President Trump was one of the first to be silenced on social media. When something’s not right, silencing it only brings it clearly into focus.

Before the 2020 election House Speaker Pelosi said, “One way or another he will not be president in 2021”. Pelosi did everything in she could to make that a reality, including contacting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs – General Miley and telling him not to obey the orders of the president or let him near the nuclear “football”. She even contacted the mayor of Portland Oregon and instructed him to let the Antifa rioters succeed, and to refuse help offered by the Trump administration.

As Speaker, Pelosi was in charge of security at the Capitol. She refused Trump’s offer of National Guard troops in DC for January 6th because it was bad for optics. Pelosi either colluded with the Baltimore mayor to instruct Capitol police concerning what was going to take place on January 6th.

It was reported by Trump supporters arriving (at the Capitol from a 45 minute walk from the event), that Antifa demonstrators were seen being escorted inside the Capitol building. A video showed the demonstrators being instructed by Capitol police to remain calm and refrain from rowdy behavior inside the Capitol. Another video showed Capitol police waving people inside the Capital and some of those were MAGA folks, including Ashli Babbitt who was shot and killed as she climbed through a window.

We are now in the 6th month after the inauguration of demonstratively the worst presidency in American history. Beginning with the state of Arizona conducting the very first forensic audit of the 2020 election, other states have sent representatives to view the audit proceedings in order to determine how their states can conduct one properly. As these audits conclude and results are made available we might see how “right” or “wrong” the election actually was.

Until you fix the root cause of the issue of election fraud – corrupt public and private officials interfering with an election (A federal offense), try, convict and sentence them to the maximum allowable by law and insure the security of every election – nothing substantial will ever change. Electronic Voting must be secure via a ultra-secure cyber net not accessible through the internet or susceptible to hacking. What I think should happen is every state governor should ban and outlaw Dominion Voting Systems and Dominion software from being used ever again in American elections.

Do I think that the election should be overturned and Trump reinstated as President – NO!

I think what has happened as a result of Donald Trump becoming president – one man can make a difference by standing on his convictions, remaining focused on his campaign promises, and then putting into action what he or she has promised.

I feel that Trump’s endorsements of men and women running for political office are one of the greatest things he can give back to our nation. Trump’s return to political office should only come by the hand of God. I see many men and women stepping up to the plate in American politics. They see that changes need to be made at every level (local, state and federal) and they want to be part of it. For the rest of us, we must remain confident that God is in control and that everything happens for his honor and his glory.

I will not bury my head in the sand or say poor me. I’m a Christian and proud of it. I’m a Veteran and see things from an entirely different perspective. I’m a registered voter and will use the power of my vote to change what I can and not worry over what I have no control over. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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