Not Constitutional At All


Not Constitutional At All

Are you tired of seeing or hearing about the unconstitutional manner in which this president and vice president are “jointly” running the office of the presidency?

First during the campaign it was Biden’s “Office of the President Elect” before there was one.

Next Biden repeatedly referred to Harris as President Harris, when she clearly wasn’t.

Then they call it the Biden-Harris Administration, when it is not.

Both Biden & Harris submitted an immigration bill to Congress for approval, clearly not how the Constitution is written.

Now both Biden-Harris sign the bill making June 19th “Juneteenth” a federal holiday, where might I ask in the Constitution does it say the office and duties of the President – Vice-President are jointly shared.

I can put up with just about anything, but when those in the know clearly don’t know what they should know, it’s obvious they don’t and we’re jointly under 160 days of this administration. What will happen next, Kerry will come in to counter-sign the official proclamation declaring the end of COVID and wish America a happy Independence Day or something?

Can it get any crazier than this? I’m afraid so, after all we’re in uncharted territory with two former senators acting as the royal couple. Was this political union sanctioned by the Pope, Queen Nancy or the real Queen of England?

Did you detect a bit of sarcasm? I should hope so! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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