Open Letter to Team USA CEO Sarah Hirshland (Updated)


Open Letter to Team USA CEO Sarah Hirshland (Updated)

I am disappointed with TEAM USA over the blatant disrespect some have done to the nation they represent. I hold TEAM USA management and staff totally responsible for allowing team members to conduct themselves in a manner that does not promote our nation, its principles or its values at home or on the world stage under your tenure as CEO.

I am very supportive of this nation and what it stands for. It is a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. The US flag represents freedom for all who embrace her and strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies. That is why migrants flock to the shores of our nation searching for a better life, the American dream and to contribute to her continued success.

As a Veteran and a Colorado Springs resident of more than 30 years I am guilty of jumping the gun based on an internet video which I reacted based on my respect for our nation and what it stands for and after receiving this Blaze report – and reading the Team USA response I stand corrected.

I have never in my life thought the Olympic Committee who hold a high standard of excellence in sports would continue to allow American athletes to show disrespect for our country, the national anthem or the US flag.

I am concerned about the Team USA members who did not render proper honors (they stood with hands behind their back) instead of placing their right hands over their hearts, which is not a constitutional right, but a choice that is extremely disrespectful.

It is my hope that you change the direction of the Olympic Committee and each Olympic contender to demonstrate pride in wearing the Team USA uniform as they compete for the GOLD. Any committee member who is not proud to be an American should resign and any athlete unwilling or unable to stand up for America should be removed from the team.

A Concerned Colorado Springs resident and US military veteran – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “Open Letter to Team USA CEO Sarah Hirshland (Updated)

  1. Well said. We can now cross the Olympics off the list of representing America. Woke-ism has claimed another institution. I will not watch the Olympics this year, and maybe never again. It would be fitting if the athletes that still love this country would refuse to participate until these morons are removed from our team. It’s about America, not about you and your hissy-fits.


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