Over Target

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Over Target

I love watching old war movies where the heroes flying deep over enemy territory, incoming flak lets the crew know they’re getting close, the pilot tells the navigator we’re over target. The navigator has control and soon we hear “bombs away”.  As the bombs fall the pilot resumes control and banks away from the flak.

Army and marine artillery crews and naval destroyer gun crews in combat are given a set of grid coordinates when supporting front line infantry troops. They are told to fire for effect. Once they zero in the enemy on the receiving end know what it’s like being the target.

In politics it’s exactly the same thing. One can tell if the subject is true or false just by the amount of flak or fake news generated in an attempt to cover up or ignore the real story. It seems that investigative reporters are more fearful of job security than actually reporting the news as it happens.

After the 2020 presidential election social media along with main stream media outlets went to unprecedented efforts to bury the obviously fraudulent election results in a handful of states.

Even now in 2021 efforts to suppress election fraud are being met by corporate sponsors and political action committees threatening to withhold funds from congressional members who stood on the side of right by declaring something had gone amiss during and immediately after the election.

Social media has attempted to gag, block or remove anyone voicing free speech that doesn’t agree with the political agenda of their CEOs, heavy sponsors or political opponents who don’t toe the acceptable party line.

I have seen evidence in online videos, photographic screen shots and investigative reports that clearly show illegal activities in the 6 swing states now conducting or preparing to conduct state election audits. Other states are refusing to participate in what they call Fraudits and that tells me there is something to see there.

Instead of owning up to wrong doing or taking responsibility for their actions, many elected or appointed officials will attempt to deflect blame or misconduct on their political opponent or the other political party.

I thought that most voters were smart enough to see through all this smoke and mirrors, but I guess they haven’t been as smart as I have given them credit. When given the choice of keeping their God-given civil rights or a pile of free cash the uninformed or uneducated almost always go for the money. What happens when the economy comes crashing down and that pile of money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on?  By then it’s too late.

One political party says “use your head”, make smarter decisions and do your part to make things better for everyone.

The other political party says you are not smart enough to make those hard decisions so take the money and run, but give me your vote before you go.

Pastors preach from the pulpit that if the devil isn’t giving you grief he doesn’t see you as a threat, but if he’s lobbing flak in your direction it’s time to reach out and pitch it back at him. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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