Do You Know What Boggles My Mind?


Do You Know What Boggles My Mind?

I try to stay off social media as much as possible because once you see something it’s hard to un-see it. Here’s what I mean. Upon entering office President Biden offered an invitation to migrants to come on in, the United States welcomes you with open arms (obviously not his exact words).

What followed was a mass exodus from many nations around the world being funneled through Mexico. So naturally by executive order Biden cancelled Trump’s stay in Mexico executive order. The Mexican president pleaded with the US to stop because his country cannot support all these migrants headed north of the border.

So why were they allowed into Mexico at all?

COVID-19 has virtually had a global reset of nation’s and their economies. Workers in the US are out of work and won’t go back so long as they keep receiving free money to stay home. We are being pushed to wear masks, social distance and now get the vaccine to protect other people from getting the virus, yet illegal migrants flooding into the US from the southern border are bringing more than their clean name brand clothing with them. They are coming infected with COVID-19. They are being called refugees when they are not fleeing political oppression.

Vice President Harris sent out a feeble plea for migrants to not come here, we have an immigration process and we enforce our laws (Obviously not her exact words either).

With all the civil unrest in Cuba many are fleeing political oppression and since they are only 90 miles from Florida it is only natural that they get on boats, surf boards, inner tubes, rubber rafts or any other floatation device and get in the water, right?

Not so fast boys and girls, Biden’s Secretary of State issued a warning for Cubans to NOT come to the US because they will not be allowed to land (read that sentence again). Somebody will have to put a giant bag over the head of the Statue of Liberty (if dissidents haven’t already carted the statue away and replaced it with none other than a giant “George Floyd of Liberty” holding a BLM flag instead of a torch).

Even BLM is praising the Communist Cuban government as their citizens are fleeing oppression. Some of those Cubans are black and brown in skin color, doesn’t their Cuban Lives Matter?

Remember when Trump called third world countries the cesspools of the world? And when he racially stopped migrants from coming into our country because of the Chinese Virus? Congressional Democrats were up in arms because although it was his constitutional duty to protect Americans, he had the audacity to do so.

Where is Biden’s audacity? He is trying to force Americans to get a vaccine and willing to send strike forces door-to-door to insure everyone gets the jab. Have you seen the commercials on TV “It’s our Jab” trying to make us think it’s the patriotic thing to do?

We’re seeing more and more governments trying to force the vaccine on their citizens against their will and as they do so the people are revolting (I don’t mean they are really bad looking), but they are standing up in arms (sticks, rocks, anything) to resist being forced against their will. In America we have the same thing happening as Congressional Democrats, Democratic Administration Officials and both media and social media turning on our own citizens while favoring this invading army of illegal aliens who have been given sanctuary in hopes of gaining new Democratic voters. But alas that means ignoring the Constitution (the rule of law) or changing it so that it is no longer a guiding principle of our nation.

What is it going to take for WE THE PEOPLE to awaken from their free money slumber and take a look around at what is happening to our nation.

While Republicans look to Trump for salvation, Democrats call Biden the golden child, I will lift my eyes toward heaven from whence our savior comes and pray to my God to help us through this impending storm of lawlessness. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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