Top Hoaxes in 2021


Top Hoaxes in 2021

What if someone compiled the list of the biggest hoaxes for 2021? Where would they start?

In my book we start off with the “big lie” which in all reality is the biggest hoax of all time – Joe Biden won the presidency fair and square. Evidence shows that massive ballot totals change drastically in the wee hours of November 4th, and this was covered up by the events of January 6th.

Follow that with January 6th where an angry MAGA crowd stormed the Capital and threatened to kill top members of congress. In fact we were told that Trump ordered them to do it. The evidence doesn’t support that narrative and pictures show angry posers wearing MAGA gear becoming nothing more than rioters with a purpose – cast the blame on Trump.

COVID-19 comes in next – everyone must mask up, social distance and get the vaccine or their going to die. Well guess what that too is a lie as the virus is not stopped or slowed down because of a mask. If it was that deadly everyone would be required to wear full containment suits, breathing apparatus, gloves and booties with absolutely no exposed parts. There would be biohazard receptacles everywhere and hazmat teams would be servicing them daily, if not hourly.

The latest scare tactic is that unvaccinated people are going to die without the vaccine. That is why the White House has said publicly that strike forces will be sent door-to-door to check for and “encourage” vaccinations. Maybe they can also ask for voter identifications and legal entry into the country documentation?

Don’t forget Climate Change, because it is fueling the massive forest fires in Western states that is causing massive pollution.

The Green New Deal is being implemented by the Biden White House who shut down the XL Pipeline, requiring government vehicles to be converted into eVehicles, and rising gas prices will force everyone to trade in their fossil fuel vehicles for eFriendly vehicles.

Another big hoax is the Critical Race Theory that says white people are all racist, black people are all oppressed and reparations must be paid for the wrongs of our fathers (ancestors). Even the military has traded in their combat skills testing for CRT sensitivity training, something our enemies will find most frightening.

The overwhelming fear is that the truth will emerge concerning voter suppression laws, which are actually voter verification requirements to insure that registered voters are able to cast their ballot and have their voices heard in the upcoming 2022 and subsequent elections. So there is no mistake, Republicans are for them and Democrats are against laws that suppress or prevent unauthorized voting.

US National Olympic athletes are turning their backs in solidarity on America, its traditions and history.

Being patriotic is racist.

Everything is offensive to everybody (or could be) and if you speak up – you’re racist too!

Lastly Joe Biden has said America is back, bigger and stronger – we just don’t know from where?

Remember we’re all in this together – apart, Right? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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