Another Open Letter to TEAM USA CEO

Internet Photo – Tokyo 2021


Another Open Letter to Team USA CEO

All I can say is – REALLY?

To say that I am disappointed with TEAM USA would be an understatement.

For the CEO to condone and continue to allow corporate disrespect of our nation by the entire US Women’s Soccer Team and on the world stage is unconscionable.

What about that do you and your athletes not understand?

It has always been an honor for American athletes to represent the United States on the competitive field of battle while exhibiting good sportsmanship win or lose. So what happened?

Every American athlete is fully responsible for their actions and those who pressure others to abandon their core values are responsible for their actions as well. Overall it is the US Olympic Committee and the entire organization that is charged with the responsibility to ensure our young men and women maintain the highest integrity and personal honor while representing our nation.

I fully understand that your organization is the US Olympic in name only. You represent yourselves (US), not the United States. If kneeling in solidarity with BLM is preferable over patriotism for this country you claim to represent, then maybe a suitable name change is in order?

Like many Americans I will not cheer or support any Olympic Team USa that does not proudly to stand up to represent the United States of America.

I salute the three members of the Women’s Soccer Team who chose to honor our nation’s flag.

I am a Concerned Colorado Springs resident, US military veteran and – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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