Letter to Colorado Senator Michael Bennet

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Letter to Colorado Senator Michael Bennet

Esteemed Senator Bennet,

I received your letter and to say the least I am disappointed. As a member of an online veterans group I asked you to become a cosponsor to S.657 a bill that would help an untold number of Colorado veterans of the Vietnam War receive the presumption of service connection for herbicide exposure during that unpopular war.

To say the least your letter focused on everything under the sun while doing nothing to explain why your name is still not on the bill as a cosponsor?

Let me say that your misinformation concerning January 6th is troubling. I have seen reports from members of congress who state that the precise moment the “insurrection” started was when the counting of the six swing state electoral ballots were about to begin. This leads me to suspect that orchestrating the insurrection was an inside job and Speaker Pelosi clearly stated publicly that Trump would not be president in 2021, one way or another.

You also falsely assert that it was Trump supporters who violently breached the capital, while actual Trump supporters outside the capital after walking down from the speech witnessed Capitol Police escorting Antifa members inside the capital, and other capitol police waving Trump supporters inside open doors, clearly not a breach, but an invitation to enter.

I have seen multiple photos which show a rough looking bunch of men sporting Trump gear yet conducting themselves like Antifa with impunity. So why is it that the only casualty of January 6th was an unarmed USAF veteran? Who had weapons? Who murdered Ashli Babbett?

Now about the other great services you have supported that have added tremendously to our national debt, who is going to pay for them? What about the invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border, being transported to parts unknown, given free stuff and Representative AOC telling them how to apply for the child credit which is illegal in itself as assisting, aiding or abetting illegal immigration is against the law.

Let me say that as a Colorado resident, a registered voter and a US military veteran I do not support the actions of the president or the congress when it comes to taking care of illegals over veterans.

I asked you a question and I expect an honest answer – why is your name absent from the named cosponsors of S657?

Don’t give me generalities or excuses. I expect to see your name added so that Colorado veterans like me can receive the support, compensation and treatment we were promised.

I am disappointed for sure. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

Joe Wilson – Colorado Springs US Army – Retired



One thought on “Letter to Colorado Senator Michael Bennet

  1. Nice Joe! Very well written! Let’s see what he (his aide) says…….. Good luck! L

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