Divide and Conquer


Divide and Conquer

I knew a guy who at the top of his game had been the head of his class but he really couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. He was comfortable within his accomplished skill set but very much out of his league when pressed with added responsibilities. We often think education and knowledge go hand-in-hand. Sadly they don’t.

When we learn a new job or a new skillset we soon think we know it all or at least enough that we can start our own successful business. Maybe that’s why lawyers are always practicing or why bullies make good lawyers or attorneys.

When it comes to politics we must consider the “Peter Principle” that say’s people rise to their level of incompetence. I don’t mean to broad-brush all politicians as being the same, because they are not. It appears that lawyers who go into serious politics fall into the trap of never enough. They may start out as a city council member or into a district attorney’s office and do well and begin to have aspirations of seeking an elected political office. If they diligently apply themselves they see themselves in a governor’s mansion or even higher and the political party is merely a tool to get them there.

One example is a law school graduate who went immediately into private practice and partnered up with another lawyer and soon found out that either lack of experience or focus in the wrong area led to a failed business. He saw opportunity in the political arena and before long represented his district in Washington D.C. with his eye on the White House. Over time he sought unsuccessfully the presidency a number of times until he teamed up with another lawyer turned politician and in 2009 became vice president. And yet that wasn’t enough. In 2020 there was one more run for the White House and it would take an entire political system to turn the tide and in 2021 so he could become president. However someone overlooked the Peter Principle effect and what we see is a man who achieved his political goal at all cost, while America suffers.

Never before in American history have Americans had a politician who belittles his voter base, promises to make life harder for them and when he delivers on that promise they blame the other guy.  They are the ones who claim there is rampant systemic racism in government, yet continue to vote for proven racist politicians who only offer incentives of free stuff (food, housing, education, medical and $$) while clamping down on the rights of American citizens while violating those rights and the Constitution as they aid and abet the unlawful migration of illegal immigrants into this country while providing free stuff (food, housing, education, medical and $$) and a path to citizenship.

They constantly proclaim America’s historical racial bias against minorities, while they continue to bully, shame and confront minorities into voting for the same racist politicians. They do not want them to leave the inner cities, change their political affiliation while doing nothing to stop the neighborhood violence that occurs every day.

They have made money, greed, control and violence their gods as they seek to maintain control over the actions, words and thoughts of Americans who dare to think differently with their strategy of divide and conquer. When will you wake up America? Take your heads out of the proverbial sand and look around?

Do you want change? BE THE CHANGE! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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