Congratulations to the athletes who represented the United States with pride and honor at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. As an American living in the best nation on earth I salute you!

I fully support our men and women who train here in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center and make us proud by their actions, deeds and words.

It is an honor to put on the TEAM USA uniform during competition and prove that sportsmanship and personal honor is alive and well at every event.

I congratulate every athlete who won a medal(s) and make us proud.

I trust that each of you return home to family and friends feeling pumped up and excited at what you have accomplished and what the future holds for you individually.

I realize that many of you may have read the two scathing letters I wrote to TEAM USA CEO Sarah Hirshland criticizing the anti-American and totally unpatriotic conduct of our Olympic world class athletes who by their actions have shown that they do not share the love for the nation they represent, a culture is not acceptable in American sports or anywhere in the American way of life.  They should never have put on the TEAM USA uniform, nor allowed themselves to exhibit such anti-American conduct in any such setting.

I stand by those letters as I stand by this one. Congratulations you have made us proud! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

A resident of Colorado Springs and an American military Veteran


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