Retiring from Public Service


Retiring from Public Service

How does anyone justify “retiring” from public service? Elected officials are simply employees of the government who after 20, 30 or 50 years of service simply able to retire so they can be closer to family and/or move on with their lives, yet that’s exactly what many legislators say when they prepare to leave office after a lifetime of public service. Where in the Constitution does it say legislators are elected by voters and have a lifetime income stream after retiring?

The latest round of retirements began with the announcement that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced he is retiring. This was followed by one after another legislator until the latest announcement is about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she is leaving her position as speaker.

I’m curious to know when dinosaurs were about to become extinct did they announce on bedrock audio they were pulling out and leaving the scene because it was going to get too tough to hunt for prey.

I’ve written a number of articles citing the need for term limits for members of congress to prevent what I call homesteading legislators from staying in office until they retire, die or get booted by voters. Too many legislators run for reelection citing their years of honorable service to their constituents, when in fact they all too often serve for their own financial interests or power.

Americans deserve better.

There are quite a number of legislators who leave a track record of misconduct, unlawful or anti-American behavior while in office but are never held accountable for their actions, deeds and/or words. They are constantly in front of a camera, in the papers or on the internet trashing the nation, each other and quite often dishonoring the very constituency that elected them.

While some elected officials may get censured by their respective house or party while in congress, they have never been impeached. Yet we’ve seen firsthand what happens when elected officials get ticked at an elected official they can’t control. One president, two impeachments for bad tweets and hurting their feelings; one representative introduces charges of impeachment on a newly elected president for major misconduct as vice president and the representative is targeted, stripped of all committee assignments and harassed because of doing the right thing.

Without naming names it is obvious that serious “irregularities” (to call it mildly) occurred during the past 5 years and what is occurring today is a huge miscarriage of justice, trust and honor that places personal interests ahead of national concerns, safety and security. It is the actions of the legislative body as a whole coupled with an executive branch running amuck that threatens the very survival of our nation.

So why does anyone want to become an elected official in the federal legislature? If their reasoning is anything other than upholding the Constitution (the oath they take), ensuring the survival of our nation against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic; if they are not committed to making our great nation even better for every citizen without regard to racial heritage they have no business running in the first place.

As for retiring from public service, that is a flat NO WAY! Elected officials come and go and should have no expectation of making public service a career. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “Retiring from Public Service

  1. Love the Bedrock comparison. McConnel should be hunted down, covered in tar and goose feathers. Pelosi, same, but worse. McConnel sold every conservitive in America out, he is a bottom feeder. When and how did our government decide these scumbags get a full retirement for life?


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