Lowering the Bar in 2021


Lowering the Bar in 2021

Everyday articles are written highlighting what amounts to the DARWIN PRINCIPLE aimed at ordinary folks like you and me. I’d venture to say they are not all politically oriented, but then I’d be lying because in 2021 EVERYTHING is political.

Something little known to us ordinary Americans is the recent actions where the Governor of Oregon signed a law allowing high school students to graduate without being able to read, write or do arithmetic. What exactly are they graduating from, Antifa charm school? Now keep in mind that the governor didn’t WRITE the law, the state congress did, but common sense should have led the governor to veto it, wouldn’t you think?

Elsewhere in our nation more schools are defying state government mandates on masking. Maybe Oregon could take a lesson or two from those other states.

Meanwhile in California as the state prepares for the recall election of their governor, the secretary of state has instituted Remote Access Voting or what could be called Print your own ballot at home and send it in (kind of like the ballot stuffing debacle of the 2020 presidential election). Remote Access Voting is available for this month’s recall election, and both the 2022 and 2024 elections.

New York State’s former Cuomo just resigned due to a massive sexual scandal with 11 complaints, including from his own staffers. President Joe Biden and prominent democrats urged him to resign. Now that really is the kettle calling the pot black.

Meanwhile in Illinois, Mayor Lori Lightfoot previously had announced she would only grant exclusive interviews to reporters of color which demonstrate how racist she really is. She didn’t mask up during her celebration of the super-spreader event called Lollapalooza in Chicago because everyone had to be vaccinated to attend. She’s pushing for all city employees to be vaccinated and tested.

By now everyone knows about the Delta Variant, the Delta Plus Variant and will soon see the Insanity Variant as COVID-19 infection cases rise sharply across the nation, without a single reference to the illegal immigrant invasion allowed and expedited by President Biden’s holding the light on for anyone able to step across the southern border, so long as they are not Cuban refugees fleeing from their oppressive government.

I have to congratulate former President Barack Obama on throwing himself a very modest virus free super-spreader event on his estate at Martha’s Vineyard where only 700 of his family and closest friends flew, boated or were chauffeured in to help him celebrate all his accomplishments past, present and future in what was sure to be a real fun-raising event.

Do you know what group of people is the most dangerous threat to our nation’s existence? It is the group that promotes allowing lawlessness to co-exist while defunding law enforcement agencies across the nation and placing preference to non-US citizens for free benefits that are not available to US citizens.

This group is pressuring the Biden administration to stop seeking the death penalty. It is also the group that is pushing for mandates to mask up, refrain from gatherings and getting the Jab.

Yes this is the group pushing the Green New Deal, Climate Change and Biden’s all electric vehicle fantasy for Government and then all Americans.

The most dangerous group threatening America is the group that is still pushing to keep Trump from running in 2024 and it is the Democratic Party, in all of its forms and sub-groups. The party of Applies To Thee, But Not To ME, the party of the KKK, pro-slavery and everyone who disagrees is racist and that is taking lowering the bar to new lows. I don’t think it is possible to be both a Democrat and an American, unless you betray your party or your country. So in my opinion either you is or you isn’t a Democrat or an American! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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