Relieve for Cause

Internet Photo – Kabul 2021


Relieve for Cause

It pains me to watch as America’s military leadership is forced to display their true colors after the pitiful ordeal being played out in real time in Afghanistan. Instead of the safety and security of America and American’s overseas general officers give that “deer in the headlight” stare when asked how we got here? When General Danforth left the Joint Chiefs did he simply roll up common sense and take it with him?

For the past 20 years America’s military has deployed, fought, bled and died to give the Afghanistan people a taste of freedom from Islamic fundamentalists like the Taliban. When we went after the Taliban it was like gang-busters and we had them all but wiped out. Taliban leadership was either imprisoned in GITMO or dead. Taliban fighters were imprisoned or killed and there was no in between.

So how do we go from ridding the world of these menaces to society to watching them swarm across the region like locusts? It’s easy to blame someone, anybody because that’s the American way, right?

I say put the blame squarely where it belongs. American voters who consistently cast their ballot for free stuff while they complain about their victimhood by society. Politicians blame the other side.

The military goes where they are ordered, do what they are told and follow orders to the extent they are lawful orders. They will follow strong leadership into the gates of hell if so ordered because they know the first one in and the last one out is a great leader.

The problem as I see it is when officers become general officers politicking is in their blood. They will do or say anything for a good report and another “leadership” star. Those who don’t play that game are simply forced out.

I saw through General Miley when Trump left the churchyard where he held up his bible and Miley distanced himself from the president. Is it not the Chairman who is the top military advisor to the President and the National Security Council?  Apparently he didn’t take his job seriously as he only complied with orders from House Speaker Pelosi instead of President Trump.

When President Biden nominated General Austin to become Secretary of Defense it should have been a win, win for the military having a retired 4 star become the boss. Well it wasn’t. Instead of running a tight ship in the defense department, he decided to bow to the whims of political correctness and begin hunting for members who didn’t fit his image of what real soldiers ought to be. He wanted to make a statement and sadly that is a sorry statement of his own state of affairs.

Maybe it’s time to hold courts marshal proceedings to relieve the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense for cause?

In my book they are treasonable actions by treasonable men!

President Biden said the buck stops with him. It certainly does and now the American people are faced with a dilemma, urge Congress to impeach him and face even more dire consequences with his predecessor or wait another 3 years until he is replaced at the ballot box? Hopefully it won’t be too late?

When it comes to the safety and security of Americans at home or abroad it is our military men and women who stand in the gap and leave nobody behind, certainly not 10,000+ Americans stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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